The Mother’s Promise

The Mother’s Promise by Sally Hepworth is a chick-flick movie in book form. If you like a tear-jerker story with extra spoons of saccharine, you’ll love this! Let me introduce you to the characters. Alice, single mother, diagnosed with ovarian cancer, with a dismal looking prognosis. Her fifteen year old daughter, Zoe who suffers with social anxiety disorder and co-dependency. Kate, the cancer nurse, having fertility issues. Sonja, the social worker, having marriage issues. Cancer, rape/abuse, infertility, divorce, bullying and anxiety all in one book? Really?!

The characters and their situations are all too contrived and easily resolved for my liking. However, the underlying issues that the author Sally Hepworth is addressing are all truly valid ones. Love, friendship, women’s issues, community.

According to the author, she read an article about a single mother, diagnosed with terminal cancer, who was searching for a guardian for her eight year old son. Sally Hepworth was struck by the issue of how someone could become so alone. Alone in life. Alone in a decision. Alone in a crowd. Alone in a marriage.  Enter the dark issues, abuse, abandonment, estrangement. In The Mother’s Promise, strangers become allies. Strangers become friends. Strangers become family. Enter the light and the hope. All in true tear-jerker style the narrative concludes with all the darkness being overpowered by the light. Well almost. The End!