The power of patience : how this old-fashioned virtue can improve your life by M. J. Ryan

The power of patience by M. J. Ryan

Patience, that old fashioned virtue that evokes memories of front rooms used only on special occasions, of being quiet and invisible in the presence of adults, a time when noise meant work was taking place or the sound of nature was all there was. A word used meaningfully by mothers to their offspring sometimes with the desired result but more often not.

The word seems to be popping up more and more which is why I thought I’d read a book on ‘Patience’. While I didn’t read the whole book I did read sections from the various chapters, as after a while you get the idea that patience is a valuable tool to use in every aspect of life whether at home, work or leisure; and definitely a valuable tool for drivers.

Patience is a mark of wisdom and was in use long before meditation, mindfulness, being in the present moment and living in the now became popular ideas and practices that we could buy with our hard earned cash. Before you can become Zen with your mindfulness and meditation you need patience, the patience to practice to endure the process it takes to reach such a state.

Each chapter is broken into very short sections and allows the reader to realise that using patience allowed for a better outcome to a situation. Patience allows us the compassion to honour ourselves and others and is beneficial to our physical and mental health.

Reading the book allows the reader to acknowledge whether they need to use patience further in their lives, or maybe there are particular situations where acknowledgement and use of patience will provide a better outcome and release endorphins.