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Podcasters with books

I’ve been deep diving on podcasts recently, so that means I have less to say about books than is usual at my turn.  That being said, many of my favorite podcasters have books in our collection. Let’s work through some of my favorite podcasts with tie-in books, and please add yours in the comments.

Dear Hank and John. A comedy podcast about death, with all this week’s news from Mars and AFC Wimbledon.  The Green brothers have been Youtube celebrities for about a decade, and run an annual pledge drive called Project for Awesome that distributes millions of dollars to charity each year. John Green is a popular YA author, and he has a new book coming out in October.

No Such Thing As a Fish is written and presented by the researchers for the British quiz show QI.  QI has quite few books of random facts in our collection.

Welcome to Night Vale is a longform fiction podcast, about a community radio presenter and his surreal, horrific town.  We have the first Night Vale novel in the collection. Another, called It Devours, is due out soon.

I listen to a heap of Kevin Smith podcasts. He’s an indie director who got into the podcast game really early, and now uses it to support his desire to make odd little movies.  (I follow Smodcast, Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, and Edumacation).  We have a heap of his graphic novels, many of his movies, and a few of his books.

A Prairie Home Companion has recently changed presenters.  The older work, by Garrison Keillor, is being replayed. There’s so many episodes there they don’t loop fast enough for it to be a problem. Keillor has a heap of novels. The newer presenter, Chris Thile, is a mandolinist, rather than a writer. We have a few of his CDs if you are into modern folk. His work is in a separate podcast called APHC Highlights.

Freakonomics is a podcast that emerged from a book about strange correlations in economic modelling.  Why do most drug dealers live with their mothers?  That sort of thing. We have the popular-release books by the two authors of Freakonomics.

Under the Skin is Russell Brand’s attempt at a philosophy podcast. It cuts surprisingly deep. The thing I like most about it is that he clearly knows he doesn’t have many, or any, answers about the big questions of life. He is, as a starting point, a broken, addicted man, who made terrible choices and hurt a lot of the people who loved him. Where do you go from there?  What does it say about our society that his reward for being marketable was to be continually given access to elaborate forms of self-destruction?  We have his biography, manifesto and children’s book.

Still Untitled  is part of Tested, the group where Adam Savage seems to be spending a lot of his time now that his stint on Mythbusters is over. We have a bucketload of Mythbusters stuff in the catalogue.

Word for Word seems to be on hiatus, but it was a word etymology podcast from the Macquarie Dictionary people.

Special mention for LeVar Burton Reads, which is a new podcast, basically a reading circle but for adults, using science fiction stories.  We mostly have Burton’s work in Star Trek in our collection.