Unquiet spirits by Bonnie MacBird

Holmes and Watson have returned to London from Dartmoor following the terrors of the moors, only to find Holmes fighting off a murderer with vengeance on his mind and in his heart. Just as quickly, another case presents with tales of kidnappings and ghosts that have terrorised the residents at McLaren castle in the Scottish Highlands. Much to Watson’s surprise, Holmes chooses instead, to assist Mycroft and the British government on a political mission to France.

While on the Riviera, Holmes and Watson survive a dangerous encounter with rival detective Jean Vidocq, and make a horrific discovery that lures them to Scotland and castle McLaren anyway. Family secrets, conspiracies, ghosts and of course danger follow Holmes and Watson’s every move.

Being the Sherlock Holmes tragic that I am, I am delighted Bonnie MacBird has added her voice to the resurgence in novels on Sherlock Holmes and his ‘new’ mysteries. She is a member of the Baker Street Irregulars and a successful playwright, actor, producer and writing teacher. Maybe it’s all these may talents combined that enable her to deliver a truly ripping yarn, full of suspense and dotted with all the tell-tale personality traits that make Sherlock Holmes such a compelling character. This is her second ‘Sherlock Holmes’ novel. Recommended – you bet!