They have all done bad things in Bloodline – a Netflix series.

The central family of this tv show have done bad things, but are they all to blame? Bloodline is a gripping, haunting, emotionally charged family drama that provides plenty of raw story lines to keep you absolutely glued to the screen. It offers a mix of relatable realistic family complications with twisted, more unusual situations. It is created by the people who made another really good psychological drama you may have watched, called Damages. It has a similar feel to this show.

The dominant family, the Rayburn’s’ seem to live in a beach side paradise but after the pilot episode you start to realise their paradise isn’t so perfect. There is the ‘by-the-book’ brother, who is pushed to the edge as his position within the police force is put into question, the seemingly faultless attorney sister who is definitely not perfection; the laid-back brother with the hot headed temper and the black-sheep of the family middle brother.

The middle brother Danny, played by Ben Mendelsohn is the focal character. Capture1He returns to the family home after some years and it’s his unexpected return that stirs up dark secrets for his siblings and many painful memories begin to resurface.  Secrets, traumas, betrayal and past indiscretions give the show its grit as each character is forced to explain or cover up what they have done. Ben’s character has the most to explain –but is he really the bad guy? Or is he the long term victim? Or could he be both? From the first interaction with his brother you see that he has manipulative tendencies and the ability to undermine and scheme his way into their lives so that every one of them is slowly crushed under his thumb.

Capture2Sissy Spacek is fantastic as the matriarch Sally, a character that holds the family together even when you think there is absolutely no hope for them all. She is truly believable as the mother especially when trying desperately to convince herself that Danny can be saved. She is my favourite character; her internal struggle for her children’s well being really provides the angst of the show. Spacek and Mendelsohn give mesmerising performances as their characters taunt you with their harrowing actions.

This is a show for viewers who appreciate quality character development and don’t necessarily need an action packed pace but enjoying diving into deeper developed story lines.