book coasters is a space for customers and  library staff to share reviews, links, tips, tricks, how-to guides and information. It’s an online book club, where we can all share our thoughts on books we love (and books we don’t!). Library staff frequently post interesting articles, but like any book club, it’s all about discussion. We’d love to hear from you!

As well as providing a space for us to discuss books, there’s also a range of information on book coasters especially for book lovers – from tips for running your own book club, to a selection of resources for readers.

Why is the library providing this service?

book coasters is a way for us to provide a book club that doesn’t require face-to-face meetings. Lots of us live out increasingly more of our lives online, so why not interact with each other and discuss what we’re reading online, too? It’s also a way for the library to provide a reading recommendation service that you can use without having to leave the house or pick up a phone.

Gold Coast libraries also have a huge electronic collection that is available from home, for free. A venue like this blog is perfect for linking you with our many online resources.

We chose to make book coasters a blog because that way it’s easy for you to get involved in the discussion. You can comment on posts or write your own. However you choose to interact with us, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

What can I do here?

You can share your thoughts, and chat with staff and other participants, using comments and posts.

Through this you can gain a deeper, and more enjoyable, rapport with the books you are reading. You can find new works to pique your interest. You can create friendships that spill across into the real world.

It’s just like a traditional book club, but with a team of library staff, each with their own particular interests and specialisations, as your facilitators.

Each month, one of the staff will kick off the discussion about a new book with a post. You might like to comment on their post, or start a discussion on another aspect of the book by creating your own post.

In addition to posts about each month’s book, you’ll also find favourite reads posts, where we (and you!) will share our thoughts on the books we’re currently reading. We’ll also be posting a range of reading-related posts in our distractions section.

The very first time you try to comment, your post will be held for checking, but after that your comments will be published immediately. This system is in place to cut down spam (junk mail), which will make your participation here more enjoyable.

How do I write articles for book coasters?

If you’re interested in writing articles that kick off discussions (called ‘posts’), check out our help sheet for bloggers.

How can I send you feedback about book coasters

Comment on any post, or email us your feedback.

Why book coasters?

All the good names were taken. ;)

No, seriously…The idea is that you are reading at your own pace.  It’s a play on coasting, which can mean something casual like cruising down a canal in a gondola, or can mean something thrilling, like rollercoasting.

Also, most of us live in Gold Coast, Australia. Hello to our many visitors from the Gold Coast in the US. Please feel free to comment, but we can’t cancel your library fines.

Where can I find out heaps more about book coasters…like, say I was a librarian or something but was too shy to email you?

A couple of us were presenters at WordCamp Gold Coast 2011. We discussed the technical aspects of book coasters on a separate page.

So…welcome to book coasters!