Commenting etiquette

Comment ettiquette

We’d love to hear your comments on any post you see. In fact, we’d love you to write articles for the site (find out how – it’s simple to get started!).

In the interest of keeping things ticking, we ask that all contributors keep the following in mind.

  • Anyone may comment on any post.
  • Your first comment requires approval before it becomes publicly visible.  Sometimes it might take a little while for your comment to appear on the site.
  • Never give out any personal information or information that can identify you. For example, don’t put your email address in a comment. (Note: We ask for your email address when you provide a comment, but it doesn’t get published and we won’t share it with anyone. We do this so that your subsequent comments don’t get held for moderation.)
  • It’s fine to disagree with someone else’s opinion (hey, isn’t that what book clubs are about?) but please be respectful.
  • No swearing, please!
  • Anything you post should be your own work – please respect copyright.
  • Any links you include in your comments or posts should be relevant to the discussion.
  • We may edit your comments, for example, we might remove personal information.
  • Comments we think are inappropriate will not be displayed.