Meet the team

Who are we?

The people listed below are the facilitators for this blog. We kick off the discussion each month and moderate comments.

Like in a real-world book club, we thought it would be nice for you know a bit about us. Here’s are some brief profiles of a few of us!

  • Timothy: I’ll be chipping in most often on fantasy, sci-fi, historical works, and cookery-related posts. I’m a published writer, so I’ll also be commenting on our writers’ events and resources. I’m one of the technology nerds, so I’ll be bringing you odd bits of computery goodness, like episodic audio fiction.
  • Shirl: My favourite reads are mysteries and thrillers with a few historical novels, but I also read a good selection of other fiction genres and non-fiction that catches my interest. At the moment I am reading the latest in Jean Auel’s Earths Children series, but I also enjoy listening to CD audiobooks as I travel to work, and have audiobooks downloaded from the libraries OverDrive site which are great to listen to on MP3 player. I love discussing the great reads that come my way, and look forward to sharing with you.
  • Jamcoast: Aren’t our City Libraries fantastic?! I try to let you know about our new resources for readers – if there’s something I think you’ll be interested in, it’ll be my time to share. I’m also an avid non-fiction reader… browse and self-check, browse and self-check… you know the drill. There’s always too much to choose from.
  • Sam: I’m a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to reading. I confess that I do really enjoy what is called the Chick Lit genre but I’m also into the classics and I read various autobiographies and biographies. I read about the lives of footballers (especially from the Brisbane Broncos), celebrities and also your everyday people. I do like to watch tv series on DVD that the library holds from past serials to the modern shows and vampires excite me too. I will be posting on what I am reading and watching and hope to comment about what others are reading and watching too. I look forward to some interesting discussions.
  • Bibliophile: Just in case you’re wondering….no, that is not the name that appears on my birth certificate, but the alias I don when I enter Library Land. Many types of books appeal to me. I travel from genre to genre and YES, I am guilty of frequently judging a book by its cover. I delight in opening the cover of a book, escaping into its pages and experiencing “The Narnia effect”, where you step magically from that dark wardrobe and discover a whole different realm. Oh and if you’re wondering, my favourite book in the whole wide world is my passport.
  • Jules: I usually have at least three books going at any one time. One will be an entertaining, accessible read i.e. a book that can be picked up and put down at any time without needing any work to get in to. It will probably be fiction and could be a thriller, a saga or an historical novel. The second will probably be a non-fiction book, either a biography or something interesting that has caught my eye and I can dip in to when the mood strikes. The third will be something “worthy” that has been well reviewed and sounded interesting in the reviews which I am possibly having trouble getting through. (I no longer worry about putting aside a book I am not enjoying – what do they say, take your age off 100 and if it hasn’t grabbed you in that many pages, let it go.) As I have a 45 minute drive to work one of these (or even a fourth!) will be an audiobook. For me audiobooks need to be fast-paced and totally absorbing or I end up in a daydream and missing the story. A good audiobook makes my daily commute enjoyable and sometimes I just stay in the car when I get home!