Want to write for Book Coasters?

You are a wonderful person, and we’d love it if you did.

Here’s how it works!

If you want to chip in on an ongoing discussion, just click the Reply button on a post or comment. That lets you leave comments. The first time you comment, it will be held for  approval by a human moderator. This is so that the site doesn’t get filled with automated comments selling designer shoes and herbal medicine. After the first, your comments are automatically live. We do reserve the right to delete or hide them if you break our ettiquette guidelines.

If you want to start a discussion, but don’t want to sign up for a WordPress membership (free, takes 30 seconds), then you can do it by commenting in the Share Your Great Book thread.

But I want to post, not comment!

You rock like a fox in socks!  You’ll need a WordPress membership. It only takes 30 seconds of typing, in three steps:

1. Click this link and fill out the form. They’ll ask you what you want to be called on their site, for a password, and for an email address. (If you’d like a blog as well as a membership, then you click this link instead, but then these instructions won’t work for you.  Still, you can go back and get a blog whenever you like, so for now, just do it our way, OK?)

2. You’ll then be sent an email to the address you’ve given. It can take up to thirty minutes to arrive. I’d advise making a cup of chocolate and having a biscuit, but that’s just me. Click the button in the email you’ve been sent, and you are now a member of WordPress.  You may want to have a look around and set up your profile.  You don’t need to if you don’t want to.

3. The next step is to be invited to be a book coasters author.  To do this: ask to become an author in the comments on this page. In your comment, try very hard not to sound like an automated bot trying to sell us designer shoes or herbal preparations. Please don’t put any contact details in your message: we can get them using our blog admin magic. We then send an invitation to the email address you signed onto WordPress with. This is done by humans, so it might take a copule of business days. Click the accept button in that email.

Once you click accept, you can post to book coasters.  Welcome aboard!

OK, so I’ve signed on as an author: how do I publish my posts?

WordPress has three entirely separate ways to compose posts. Let’s just cover the two you are most likely to use:



On most of the admin pages on WordPress, you have three icons in the upper right corner of your screen. The pencil is used to compose new posts. The centre icon is a picture of you, if you have included one. The right icon is a bell, and alerts you to responses to your posts.

Click the pencil. Then just fill in the boxes, make sure book coasters is the top left, and click Publish Post!  That’s it!

To explain some of the boxes:

  • A featured image is the image that shows up on the blog’s front page, to tease the contents of your post.  If you don’t set one, you’ll just get a text square.
  • An excerpt is a summary of your post, again designed as a teaser, which is shown on the front page of the site.   If you don’t add one, the first words of your post are used instead.

In the slightly more complicated interface, the button to create a new post is on the left edge.


If you get stuck, comment below and we’ll email you privately to work through the problem.