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November 05

The Witch of little Italy

If you are interested in magic realism, everyday magic and modern witches, then The Witch of little Italy by Suzanne Palmieri is for you! The Amore sisters are elderly residents in the Bronx. However they are not your everyday pensioners. The Amore sisters are blessed with the “sight”. They are “seers” of the truth. Enter […]

November 04

Fall under the spell of The Bird’s Child

The Bird’s Child by Sandra Leigh Price is a novel crafted upon symbolism, magic, spells and dreams, illusion and deception with a nasty spatter of revenge thrown in the mix. The book is mostly set in 1929 in Sydney, Australia. The novel features three displaced characters, who all find themselves living at Miss Du Maurier’s […]

November 02

One Italian summer

One Italian Summer: across the world and back in search of the good life by Pip Williams is the memoir of an Australian couple with two kids who live in the Adelaide Hills on property that they dream of farming and turning into an organic oasis. They are inspired by TV shows such as River […]

November 01

The House I loved

  A house becomes a home, when it is imbued with the character of its occupants. When the walls are marked with kid’s height and growth measurements, when laughter echoes in the vacant hallways, when the kitchen smells of Mum’s cooking, these things make a building into a living breathing creature. When the house develops […]

October 30


Inconceivable is the memoir of a brief but tragic period of time in Carolyn and Sean Savage’s life. In February 2009, an unforgivable accident occurred and a fertility doctor transferred another woman’s embryos into Carolyn’s womb. The outcome of which was a positive pregnancy test and a healthy foetus. Carolyn found herself in a terrible moral predicament, […]

August 29

Stars across the ocean

The main character in Stars across the ocean is foundling Agnes Resolute. Agnes was raised at Perdita Hall orphanage and advised that upon her coming of age, she would join society and practice her trade (she is a seamstress).The year is 1874 and in alignment with societal practice of the era, Agnes is advised not to aim […]

August 28

The Night Rainbow

“When Maman came back from hospital last year. She had changed from fat to thin, but she didn’t bring back a baby like she promised. She left it at the hospital, along with her happiness”. Claire King’s debut novel The Night Rainbow is set in a small French community. Pea’s mother is somewhat outcast (being […]

August 08

The Ice-cream makers

According to The Ice-Cream Makers family legacy, it was Giovanni and Luca Talamini’s great grandfather who invented “ices” or ice-cream in Northern Italy . Three generations later, the same gelataria in Rotterdam, the Netherlands is being run by a man of the same dynasty. Every Spring the family travels to the ice-cream parlour and they return […]

June 28

The Mother’s Promise

The Mother’s Promise by Sally Hepworth is a chick-flick movie in book form. If you like a tear-jerker story with extra spoons of saccharine, you’ll love this! Let me introduce you to the characters. Alice, single mother, diagnosed with ovarian cancer, with a dismal looking prognosis. Her fifteen year old daughter, Zoe who suffers with […]

June 26

Signed, Mata Hari

“Mata Hari”….two words that are known to quicken the pulse of many a man. Mata Hari was reputed for being transfixing, suggestive, alluring and captivating. Mata Hari (or “Eye of the Sun”) is so much more exotic than Margaretha Zelle, but the two are one and the same.  Margaretha was born in the Netherlands. In […]