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June 30

Bird box

Bird Box by Josh Malerman.  This is one creepy book. A certain something causes madness, homicidal and suicidal rages in those who see it. Starting with a few isolated cases in Russia before spreading across the globe this post-apocalyptic novel exudes almost unbearable tension. The only way to survive is to effectively ‘blind’ oneself: board […]

The Girl from Venice

The setting for Martin Cruz Smith’s new novel The Girl from Venice is the inspiring beauty and uniqueness of Venice which fortuitously was saved from the bombing raids of World War II.  It remains intact in all its glory – maybe until nature decides otherwise – and provides the background scenery for this wartime love story. […]

The Girl on the train

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins is yet another psychological thriller likened to Gone Girl. The comparison is really only accurate insofar as they are both psychological thrillers, and both excellent novels. Rachel – the titular girl on the train – is somewhat of a train wreck: divorced, alcoholic and on a downward […]

Wolf of Wall Street

If you have seen the movie Wolf of Wall Street and loved it, then you should definitely read the book! The movie was a faithful reproduction of the book. Raw, no-holds-barred tell-all autobiography of Jordon Belfort’s life from rags to riches as head of the notorious investment firm Stratton Oakmont. Making thousands of dollars a […]

Readers’ recommendations!

Are you looking for reading recommendations? These books were recommended as good reads, by the Broadbeach Open Book Club readers. Why not try one of these recommended short stories……and let us know what you thought by leaving a reply at the bottome of this post. Happy Reading! The Rip by acclaimed Australian author Robert Drewe. A […]

Tim Winton’s Eyrie

EYRIE by Tim Winton  Having previously enjoyed reading several of Winton’s novels I starting reading his latest, ‘Eyrie’ with keen anticipation. My initial reaction after a couple of chapters was that he was just trying too hard to live up to or surpass his previous works, with overly graphic descriptions and sometimes startling adjectives. Perseverence, […]

The Forest of hands and teeth

The Forest of Hands and Teeth is the first book in a trilogy by Carrie Ryan. The setting of the novel is an isolated and austere village in the middle of a forest which appears to have no contact with the outside world. It feels like the 19th century, as the people live simply and […]

Handcrafted Weddings

Planning on a wedding in the near future?  Hoping for the perfect day? Aspiring for a gorgeous service? Dreaming of wearing the big white dress but having nightmares about wearing cost of it all? The retro revival and handcrafted boom has produced a timely opportunity to add handcrafted ttouches to your wedding. Your creativity, style and […]

Voyage to Botany Bay

Voyage to Botany Bay by Chrissie Michaels. I love historical fiction and enjoyed reading this book together with my 10 year old. This book took us back in time on a journey to 1785 through the diary of Julienne, a young girl who is cold and hungry living in the dark, wet tunnels of France. Julienne […]

Australian stories

My Australian Story series I love this series. An Australian series of factual based historical fiction novels by different authors written especially for children. It’s like reading someone’s diary and going on the journey with them. They are a great read for 9-12 year olds and really give young readers an insight into what living […]