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Hitler is in power and Germany is on the brink of another war.  In Paris, near the Museum of Natural History, live a blind child Marie-Laurie and her father who works at the museum as a master of locks.  The Nazis are invading Paris and Marie-Laurie and her father escape to Saint-Malo where father’s reclusive […]

Mischief (Short Stories) – Fay Weldon

I rarely read short stories but intrigued by the interesting cover I found myself immersed in Fay Weldon’s  “Mischief”; devouring one story after another. The stories are witty and a perceptive expose into the psyche of the characters she creates.  I empathized with her female characters as I read the crackling dialogue between men and […]

Mission Flats – William Landay

Mission Flats  won the CWA John Creasey Memorial Dagger Award for Best First Crime Novel. Police Chief Ben Truman is a twenty-four year old living in a small town (Versailles) in western Maine.  On a routine police check of the holiday cabins by the local lake Chief Truman discovers the body of the District Attorney […]

The Tenderness of Wolves – Stef Penney

Winner of the 2006 Costa First Novel Award, Stef Penney’s, The Tenderness of Wolves is a beautifully written debut novel about Canada, 1867. Winter takes a grip on the Canadian, Hudson Bay Company settlement; Dove River.  A fur trapper is found murdered in his isolated hut by Mrs Ross, wife of a local farmer. Her […]

“The Hidden Child”- Camilla Lackberg

Camilla Lackberg…The Hidden Child Have you ever taken a book home from the library only to find you have read it before?  I did that with Swedish novelist,  Camilla Lackberg’s The Hidden Child.  A fan of Lackberg’s writing, I enjoyed this novel as much as I did the first time. Set in a town in […]

The Etymologicon: A Circular Stroll Through the Hidden Connections of the English Language – Mark Forsyth

What a word!  I wasn’t sure I wanted to investigate what was between the covers of this intriguing, funny read.  Understanding the origin of the English language isn’t everyone’s cup of tea for a light relaxing read but I have enjoyed this so much I have to share.  Forsyth won me over to his favourite […]

Hunting Midnight – Richard Zimler

Hunting Midnight is a gripping historical fiction set in the early nineteenth century in Portugal.  A young boy is in ignorance of his Jewish heritage due to centuries of persecution against Jews across the Iberian Peninsula.  John  Zarco Stewart lives happily, greatly loved by his mother and father in the community of secret Jews.   The boy is hot-headed, impetuous, often in trouble and […]

The Adventures of Barry McKenzie – DVD

Sharing…..I have just watched the dvd  “The Adventures of Barry McKenzie”.  It was filmed nearly 40 years ago  and I remember when it came into cinemas…I never went to see it (I’d seen trailers) I had a hugh Australian cringe at the time and couldn’t imagine anything so vulgar.  I’ve grown up…or come of age.  I have […]

The Son by Jo Nesbo

Highly recommend!  A page turner! The Edgar Award nominated Norwegian author has written a fast paced thriller with a strong plot! Excellent conclusion! Nesbo’s standalone new thriller “The Son” is outstanding and equally enjoyable if not better than the author’s cleverly written Inspector Harry Hole series. When Sonny Lofthus was a teenager he was catapulted […]

Mistress by James Patterson and David Ellis

Collaboration between two great authors James Patterson and David Ellis; an intriguing plot, satisfying conclusion, but a book that didn’t rev my engine!  What happened? Ben Casper is an investigative political journalist and his best friend Diana who works for the CIA jumps from her balcony.  Ben knows it is not suicide and becomes embroiled […]


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