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Thank you to all who have reviewed and posted your favourite books.  I have read so many wonderful stories and discovered new authors because you took the time to share with us all.    I look forward to reading your reviews in 2016.


THE ALPAHBET HOUSE – JUSSI ADLER-OLSEN A brilliant story with a difference…British pilots James Teasdale and Bryan Young (friends from early childhood) are selected for a German photo-reconnaissance mission looking for factories. Their plane is shot down and the pair parachute into enemy territory. They board a train of high-ranking wounded SS soldiers and after […]


“The Rice Mother” is a wonderful story of a Malaysian family saga tracing the life of Lakshmi, a beautiful 14 year old Ceylonese given into a misrepresented, unhappy arranged marriage.   Lakshmi will have 8 children and become the fierce matriarch of her family before realising she had grown to love her ugly, simple husband. The […]


A middle-aged cop and a teenage girl fall to their death from a high-rise building in London’s East End. The girl had abducted a 5 year old boy. Left behind horrified and in shock on the roof are young PC Lizzie and the child, Ben. Lizzie disappears and Sarah Collins from Police Internal Investigation is […]

Lost & Found – Brooke Davis

A first novel from Australian author, Brooke Davis; funny, sad, thought provoking and heart warming. I read “Lost & Found” in the doctor’s surgery waiting for my husband and got the giggles; I couldn’t stop. I put the book away and every time I thought of it I started again. Loved this story based on […]

Hostage – Kristina Ohlsson

Terrorism in the sky!!   A jumbo jet with 400 passengers and crew and the terrorist is the pilot. The jet can’t land unless demands are met. The plane is running out of fuel and America has said the plane cannot land on their soil; attempt to land and the Americans will shoot them down. Swedish police […]


BLOODLINE – Alan Gold & Mike Jones Book 1 of the Heritage Trilogy “Bloodline” is an historical fiction of modern Jerusalem in 2007 and tracing parallel stories from 942 BCE to 126 CE. A Palestinian youth (Bilal) is shot during an unsuccessful terrorist attack and is saved by the skill of a young Jewish doctor […]


It is the last novel of Award winning author Kent Haruf who died in November, 2014 at the age of seventy-one and what a magnificent work he has left as his legacy. An elderly widow approaches her widowed neighbour with a proposition i.e., to spend the nights together in her bed for company. The man […]


The true story of a little known food drop by B-17’s to the starving Dutch citizens under German occupation in May, 1945; code named Operation Chowhound.   German born Prince Bernhard who married into the Dutch royal family of the Netherlands and evacuated to England developed the plan. It was discovered in post war years that […]


Sydney, Australia, 1915,  Ruby and Jimmy Hawkins are newlyweds from Bourke. Jimmy is embarking on a troop ship for the war at Gallipoli. Ruby has decided to find accommodation and work in Sydney and wait for his return. They are young, innocent and dreaming of their life together when the war is over. Ruby finds […]