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September 13

Still Can’t Find a Good Movie to Read? Want to Read a Good Movie 3! – More Good Movies From Around the World With Subtitles

Yes I know many of you have been waiting for a while in anticipation for the third installment where you’ll learn about more great subtitled movies. Well quite a few good ones have arrived in the collection in the last couple of months from all over the world. You will also find some on SBS […]

June 12

Re-reading Your Favourite Book of Your Childhood

Have you ever watched a movie or seen a replay of an old TV show you loved as a kid, or maybe as an adult a couple of decades ago when it was fresh.  You re-watched it now and thought, well that’s not that great. Well what about books? Since they are finally getting around […]

March 22

Which New Zealand Authors Have Positively Impacted Your Reading Life?

When I read that Murray Ball had passed away about ten days ago, I remembered how much I was into his Footrot Flats comics when I was a kid. In fact I remember when I spent a week in hospital when I was in grade six, my parents and everyone buying me all those little […]

March 07

You Voted! You Ranked! The Best Movies Voted By Gold Coast Library Customers of New DVDs That Hit Our Shelves Over the Past Year!

Well we’ve just seen the Oscars, and who some rich Hollywood snobby types thought were the best movies of 2016 and 2017. But what do every day regular Gold Coast residents think were the best movies of the past year? Well we asked you, you logged in with library you cards, and you told us. […]

March 07

Ratings, A Guide How to Rate Stuff on City Libraries Gold Coast Catalogue

Well last year we switched catalogues with a new service provider and have this Encore website you’ve likely accessed Bookcoasters off a link at the bottom of. It does allow one fun function that its predecessor didn’t, that can be very helpful to other potential borrowers, especially those trying to determine which of millions of […]

January 05

An autobiography from Bryan Cranston, an actor who has been in the iconic show of each of the last three decades

A Life in Parts, Bryan Cranston’s Autobiography Well perhaps Malcolm in the Middle wasn’t the biggest show of the Zero Decade, but it was still a pretty successful and massively viewed show that went for seven seasons, won a heap of Golden Globes and Emmy Awards, many of which saw Bryan Cranston nominated for best […]

November 16

Seinfeldia – a book about nothing

If you’re a fan of the greatest show ever to air on television, you should definitely check out Seinfeldia: How a Show About Nothing Changed Everything by Jennifer Armstrong. Granted you might know a fair bit of the information already on these pages, if you’ve watched the Seinfeld DVDs with commentary going, or watched the extras also […]

August 12

Want to Read Some More Good Movies?

Well it’s been nearly four years since I wrote the original Want to Read A Good Movie? which you’ll find here at That page has gotten pretty big with updates over the years, and there’s been a few good movies from non English speaking countries that have arrived lately into our collection, so I figured instead of adding to […]

July 24

Invisible Man Fiction, Love to Be Invisible! You May Not After Reading/Watching These!

Since you were a kid you’ve dreamt of nothing better than being able to be in the same room as that certain someone you like as they get undressed with them having no idea you’re even there. Or maybe as you go older you wanted to listen in on confidential conversations, get stock or business […]

March 17

Not So Long Ago, in a Library Catalogue Only a Few Keyboard Types Away……

Other interesting Star Wars items you’ll find in our libraries Elstree 1976 – Basically this is an interview with mostly the extras and actors who had a few lines (although some of them iconic, such as “These are not the droids we’re looking for”), who turned up for a movie they thought might get shown […]