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landline January 05

Holiday Read

Landline by Rainbow Rowell Georgie has stayed in Los Angeles while her husband Neal and her two daughters have gone to Omaha for Christmas.  No-one is especially happy with this arrangement but Georgie and her writing partner,  Seth, have found a producer interested in creating the TV series they have been writing and talking about […]

Twisted December 23

A Disturbing Tale from Sharon Bolton

Review by SkaryMary at Robina               A Dark and Twisted Tide by Sharon Bolton [also known as S.J.Bolton] An extremely disturbing tale featuring Detective Lacey Flint.  Gruesome crimes are a feature of Bolton’s work and her latest crime thriller is no exception. Lacey has stepped down as a detective […]

cat November 07

104 in 52 …continued

30. When Tito Loved Clara  – Jon Michaud.   An insight into the world of Dominicans who have immigrated to New York for the money and opportunities but want to hold on to their traditions and lifestyle.  I know nothing about the Dominican community in New York and this was an easy way in to another […]

adultery October 06

More quick overviews of what I have been reading

26. Adultery – Paulo Coelho  –  I have seen Paulo Coelho’s books around for many years and he seems very popular so I was surprised and disappointed that I really did not enjoy this book.  I was reading it for my book club so I persevered until the end.  The main character, who is female, […]

Left Neglected September 19

104 in 52 (or what I have been reading lately).

22. Left Neglected – Lisa Genova.   I was reminded of Lisa Genova recently when I read that her very successful novel Still Alice was going to be made into a movie.  Still Alice is the story of a intelligent and successful professor who acquires early onset Alzheimers.  The story is a powerful and moving account of […]

index September 05

Mullumbimby – book club discussion questions

When Jo stumbles into love on one side of the Native Title divide she quickly learns that living on country is only part of the recipe for the Good Life.

104 in 52..

A few more to add to my total…but a long way to go. 18.  Struck by genius : how a brain injury made me a mathematical marvel  – Jason Padgett Jason Padgett was never interested in school or studying and spent his days working in a Futon Store and going out partying at night.  He […]

104 in 52…July tally

Here is the continuation of my books for this year – I am way behind both reading and posting! 10.  The Interestings – Meg Wolitzer   I really enjoy this type of book, although they do all start to blend in to each other after a while.  This is a saga about a group of artistically […]

What makes life worth living?

This is the sub-title of Hugh Mackay’s latest title The Good Life and is a good indication of what the book is about.  When we say we are living the good life we usually mean we have, money, time and the freedom to do as we please, but when we say someone led a “good life” […]

104 in 52 update

Books I have read this month that I can put towards my total… The Mystery of Mercy Close  by Marian Keyes. I listened to this on an MP3 and thoroughly enjoyed this meandering mystery through the slightly manic mind of Marian Keyes voiced perfectly by Caroline Lennon.  I enjoyed “the mystery” and I was also entertained by the intertwined […]


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