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September 19

Because of you by Pip Harry

One of the shortlisted titles in the 2018 Children’s Book Week Older Reader category is Because of You by Pip Harry.  It is aimed at a teen audience, but I would highly recommend for teens and adults alike.  It is full of heart and the characters stay with you long after the final page.  It […]

September 17

Sixty seconds by Jesse Blackadder

This book centres around a family who have just moved up to Murwillumbah from Hobart for a fresh start and to get away. They move into a beautiful house and Finn (the father), who is an artist, gets a chance to have his work exhibited. Then tragedy strikes and the family starts to splinter. Grief […]

July 19

Donato Carrisi

Donato Carrisi is an Italian author of murder mysteries dealing with serial killers. Of his books that have been translated to English, the library service has three in print and two as eAudiobooks. The Whisperer is a chilling tale centred around a series of gruesome mutilations and killings. The plot gets quite convoluted yet gripping […]

July 17

The upside of over by J.D Barrett

The upside of over by J. D. Barrett I picked up this book after reading the blurb thinking it would help me move on. As the premise is that Olivia’s life falls apart when she loses her job and her husband at the same time. She turns her life around and gets herself back again. […]

March 16

We own the sky by Luke Allnutt

This book is beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. If you have ever grieved the loss of someone, this book will bibliotherapise you. It’s the story of Rob and Anna and their life together. A life which was marred by a tragedy and a journey of grief. Luke has written the story in a […]

March 15

Tin Man by Sarah Winman

Tin Man is a beautifully written novel about Michael and Ellis, two boys, then two men – and the changes that occur when Annie walks into their lives.  The novel unfolds from both Michael’s and Ellis’ perspectives – telling two stories of deepest love, loss, friendship, withdrawal and connection. At only 195 pages, there is […]

January 10

Crap CVs by Jenny Crompton

Crap CVs by Jenny Crompton Fun and a light read with plenty of unbelievable things people may have written as part of their CV’s in order to gain employment. Funny, informative (what not to include in a resume) and an easy read as each bit just makes you read on…  

January 09

Danger Music by Eddie Ayres

Danger Music by Eddie Ayres Danger Music is a really thoughtful semi-biographical book written by former ABC Classic FM presenter Emma Ayres, now Eddie Ayres. On the tail of severe depression, the then, Emma Ayres successfully applied for work at Afghanistan National Institute of Music (ANIM). The book focuses on the children attending ANIM and […]

November 07

101 dilemmas for the armchair philosopher : such as is it okay to lie about liking a gift? / Eric Chaline.

101 dilemmas for the armchair philosopher : such as is it okay to lie about liking a gift? The book to answer all your ethical/moral dilemmas and questions from ‘is it okay to lie about liking a gift’ to ‘why does murder carry a heavier penalty than attempted murder?’ and much, much more. An intriguing, […]

September 08

Big little lies by Liane Moriarty

Big little lies by Liane Moriarty Why are mothers so hard on themselves yet so judgemental of other mothers? This story is set in an upmarket beachside suburb and portrays the lives and bad behaviour of a group of parents whose children all attend the local school. The politics that surrounds their cliques and the […]