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July 12

My cousin Rachel by Daphne Du Maurier

I’m not sure why, but lately I seem to have developed a passion for all things written about, or filmed in, Cornwall. Much to my great joy the new series of “Poldark” has started airing on the ABC, and now My Cousin Rachel , also set in Cornwall, has just been released in cinemas in Australia. […]

May 09

Goodwood by Holly Throsby

Goodwood is the debut novel from Australian author Holly Throsby, who is also a noted singer-songwriter. Reading a mystery novel really takes me out of my comfort zone – I’m just not that way inclined – I need to know why, and I need to know NOW – not at the end of the book. The temptation […]

March 27

The Birdman’s Wife by Melissa Ashley

The birdman’s wife / Melissa Ashley. (Submitted on behalf of another library staff member). As a child in primary school I used to belong to the “Gould League” and every month we would receive a card with a coloured plate of a bird and descriptive notes by Neville Cayley. I was fascinated with these and […]

March 14


Did you watch the new Poldark Series on the ABC? The series is set and filmed in Cornwall and it’s worth watching for the breathtaking  scenery of the Cornish Coast alone. It is beautifully filmed, and has some truly spectacular cinematographic moments. I’m told that when in Cornwall you can actually do a Poldark tour, and […]

March 09

The Portable Veblen by Elizabeth McKenzie

The portable Veblen by Elizabeth McKenzie Elanora library staff pick – submitted by staff member. If you like a quirky story then this novel may be for you. The modern day protagonist Veblen, named after the Norwegian economist and sharing his sentiment of anti- consumerism, is a delightful character. I’ve very much enjoyed being inside […]

March 07

By Gaslight by Steven Price

By gaslight.   Steven Price An epic novel of nearly 750 pages, it takes some time and dedication to finish this novel, perfect for holidays. It is swiftly paced with lots of twists and turns but perhaps a bit overly long. This is a Victorian detective novel set in London around 1885 that grabs you from […]

February 16

Vinegar Girl – Anne Tyler

Vinegar Girl  by Anne Tyler . Come and celebrate Valentine’s Day and all things romantic at the Elanora Library Open book club in February. We will be meeting at 10.30 on Thursday the 23rd to discuss Vinegar Girl  by Anne Tyler, part of the Hogarth series of Shakespeare tales retold by modern authors. Pulitzer prize winning author  Tyler excels […]

January 17

Mothering Sunday by Graham Swift.

Mothering Sunday by Graham Swift. This new offering from Booker Award winner  Graham Swift was very well received by the Elanora Library First Thursday Bookclub members this month. The novel is set on mothering Sunday  in 1924 in rural England and narrated by twenty-two year old Jane Fairchild who was  orphaned at birth and “in service” […]