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January 27

Good news and bad news

Great news! The City of Gold Coast library service has a new library management system with improved search functionality, past borrowing records and a book cart that allows readers to place bulk holds and create to-be-read lists. We’re super excited! The bad news is that the embedded links and some of the images here on […]

the goldfinch January 19

The Goldfinch – book club discussion questions

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt is available as one of the Gold Coast Libraries’ book club kits.

**Please be aware that book discussion questions may contain spoilers.**

January 09

What the Dickens? It’s 2016?

Confound and dagnabbit! What happened to last year? For that matter, what happened to last week? I’m not even reporting on the new year in a timely fashion. I’ve just been tidying up the old blog dashboard and I found some drafts for reading journal posts from last August, It’s nice to know that I […]

December 10

On the 10th day of reading…

On the 10th day of reading my library gave to me:
ten lords or heroes.

Read all about our favourite ten literary heroes

December 09

On the 9th day of reading…

On the 9th day of reading my library gave to me:
nine ladies writing.

Read some great fiction, written by Australian women.

December 08

On the 8th day of reading…

On the 8th day of reading my library gave to me:
eight films for reading.

They say never judge a book by its movie – let’s see how that worked out this year.

December 07

On the 7th day of reading…

On the 7th day of reading my library gave to me…
seven books for self-help.

The silly season can give your mental health a hammering, so we’ve got some recommendations for books that might prove helpful.

December 06

On the 6th day of reading…

On the 6th day of reading my library gave to me:
six books for laying about reading while you laze by the pool or at the beach.

Try our summer reading recommendations while you sip the perfect summer cocktail.

December 05

On the 5th day of reading….

On the 5th day of reading my library gave to me:
five golden truths … for writers.

Enjoy our top five recommendations for great advice for writers.

December 04

On the 4th day of reading…

On the 4th day of reading my library gave to me:
four Christmas favourites.

What better gift to give and receive than a book?

Are you a bibliophile with a favourite book to read for the holidays, or with a tale of the most memorable book you ever received as a Christmas gift?
We’ve got four stories and we’d love to hear yours.