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superheroes March 05

Reading journal 2: pictures and lists

Six more reviews for books I’ve read in 2015 – these ones being graphic novels (with pictures) and a YA book (with lists).

Upbeat-long February 24

Upbeat program

Upbeat is a new City Libraries program in support of positive mental health and wellbeing.

history February 14

Reading journal 1: history, mystery, rinse and repeat

I’m kicking off my year of reading with reviews for six novels that are all historical fiction and some historical crime.
If you love history and mystery, read on…

beach read February 12

Bleach* reads

Grab your towel, your sunscreen and your book. We’re off to the beach for our next Readers’ season!

hedgehog February 03

104 in 2014 15. The sticky end of the stick

Finally, FINALLY!! here are the last reviews for my reading in 2014, so I can start reviewing my books for 2015. You know what they say: 2,4,6,8, bog in, don’t wait! #141 Only Enchanting by Mary Balogh (Read 30/11/2014) I like this Regency Romance series about a group of friends who were all scarred mentally […]

WWI poppies January 10

104 in 2014: 14. War and law

Another 10 books, read in 2014, and finally reviewed, beginning with a moving collection of poetry from the Trench Poets of World War I.

Mouse Guard - The Black Axe January 07

104 in 2014: 13. The Mouse Guard never sleep

More reading reviews… for last year? Having met the 104 in 2014 target I still kept reading, and reading, and reading – but, sadly, not reviewing to keep up with my reading. So here are another ten titles from my 2014 reading list.

15 book challenge January 06

2015 reading challenge – are you in?

Ready fora new reading challenge for 2015?
Take our 15 book challenge that gives you 15 criteria to diversify your reading this year.

clinic logo January 03

Book clinic

BOOK CLINIC #2 When life interrupts art. We are having what I believe we’re supposed to call a weather event on the Gold Coast at the moment. Further north it’s a Category 5 tropical cyclone, and I fervently hope that everyone in its path is  safe and well. Or that there’s no-one in its path. […]

book float November 25

104 in 2014: 12. And so it was written…

The year is winding down, but not our reading. Here’s another 10 books for the reading challenge of 104 in 2014.


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