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April 13

Mr Robot – a real insight into hacking!

“What do normal people do when they get sad? They reach out to family and friends, but that’s not an option for me,” says they main character of this physiological thriller. Elliot is a computer programmer by day, vigilante hacker by night and he is so very good at both. Mr Robot follows Elliott as […]

April 11

The women in the window

The women in the window is Anna Fox, a women with agoraphobia who passes her days by gawking at her neighbours through her window. Her isolated existence ins’t portrayed as sad yet more intriguing as it becomes one of the many mysteries that the reader must solve throughout the novel. Anna has clearly had something […]

April 09

The Handmaids Tale, season one.

Women have been reduced into their most basic evolutionary capacity and forced into reproductive servitude. That is how life stands now for the handmaids, a group of young women in this new American theocratic regime that is called the Republic of Gilead. Margaret Atwood’s 1985 novel of the same name has been superbly adapted into a compelling […]

December 08

The White Princess

The White Princess is a mini-series derived from the Philippa Gregory books and follows on from The White Queen (my review of The White Queen can be read here). You don’t necessarily have to watch the predecessor but I appreciated the follow through in the story arc. The White Princess begins two days after Richard III’s […]

December 06

Finding the funny in Rosehaven

This little Australian TV series is a real gem – quiet and understated humour that sets it apart from the ‘recorded laughter’ comedies that fail to tickle my funny bone! Rosehaven focuses on a more realistic kind of funny through the quirky characters, the unique relationships and the quaint little fictional town that is Rosehaven. […]

December 04

Brilliant Bosch

Police drama Bosch is based on Michael Connelly’s best-selling novels and it is absolutely fantastic viewing. There are three seasons so far and I feel it has the strength for a fourth and perhaps more. It stars Titus Welliver as Connelly’s main character LAPD detective, Harry Bosch. Bosch is a rule bending cop who himself […]

May 31

Z nation : zombie series with bite!

Z Nation is focused on the characters quest to save the world and to look good doing so rather than to simply survive. To put it bluntly it is definitely not a Walking Dead rip-off, it’s a standalone apocalyptic series which offers the viewer a fun time without thinking too much about the human condition. […]

December 02

Home Fires continues

The Women’s Institute shenanigans, wartime feminism, charming village life and emotive family dynamics continue in season 2 of this fine wartime drama series. Home fires season 2 further emphasises how life went on at home for the women while the menfolk were away fighting at war. The show delves deeper into the characters lives in this next season and […]

November 18

Women as World War 2 draws near

Home Fires is an excellent, beautifully written six episode drama series that follows a group of admirable women as the threat of the second world war looms. The thought of war and each woman’s different feelings really draws you in as a viewer. The overall determination from the women not to be cowed by what war will mean to their lives is […]

The Luminaries

The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton is an amazing book, very well written and displaying great imagination. The many characters are introduced, one at a time, by a writer with a profound insight into the varieties of human nature so the readers soon empathise with them. She depcits life as it was lived by prospectors during […]