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March 02

All rights reserved

All Rights Reserved by Gregory Scott Katsoulis. Young Adult fiction.  Post by Rebecca. Imagine a world where every word you speak or gesture you make costs you – literally.  This is the premise of All Rights Reserved, a dystopian novel pitched at teenagers but just as fascinating to read as an adult.  The author has […]

March 01

A gathering light

A Gathering Light by Jennifer Donnelly, available as an e-book, and in Young Adult fiction.  Post by Rebecca. Young-adult fiction can be a real pleasure to read as an adult.  The stories are usually direct, compelling and told with passion.  A Gathering Light is a young adult title that starts slowly but grows on you […]

February 28

On the other hand

  The Other Hand by Chris Cleave    Post by Rebecca. Right from the first page of this beautifully written book, I knew I was reading something fresh and original.  The Other Hand takes us into the heart and mind of Little Bee, a young and traumatised Nigerian refugee who has fled her home country […]

February 27

The girl who takes an eye for an eye

The Girl who takes an eye for an eye by David Lagerantz.  Post by Robyn55 For the readers of the Millennium trilogy the untimely death of their talented author Stieg Larsson, was a ‘way too soon’ tragedy.  However we were all happy to hear that Mikael Blomkvist and Lisbeth Salander would be resurrected in the hands of […]

December 29

See you in September

See you in September by Charity Norman. Post by Caroline. This book had me captured from the first page. Although set in the context of cults and a family’s journey, the beautiful descriptions of New Zealand countryside contrasting with the strife of the world, and the drawing of the most basic human needs and how […]

December 28

Why we eat what we eat – the science of eating

Gastrophysics: the new science of eating by Professor Charles Spence. This book is a fascinating study on why we eat what we eat, and what influences how we feel about it from a researchers point of view. You may use this information to market sales of food, or to cut back on what you think […]

River of Gold

River of gold by Hector Holthouse. Post by Caroline. Based on documentary evidence from the period, this is a really interesting description of the places and events during the Palmer River gold rush in far north Queensland. The harshness of life during these times for everyone is almost beyond belief, and yet is part of […]

October 27


Maestra by L. S Hilton. Post by Caroline. I found the main character totally engaging, despite the horrific things she does. I’m not sure if that is a sign of great writing, but it certainly resulted in a book I couldn’t put down.  

October 26

Rain music

Rain Music by Di Morrissey Ned Chisholm wanders far North Queensland writing his music. His sister, Bella, takes leave of her job in the big city and follows him north hoping to persuade him to attend an event to remember their father, but Ned is carrying a family secret and is avoiding his family. Weaving […]

October 25

A little life

A little life by Hanna Yanagihara. Post by Jenni. Wonderful and terrible, raw and tender, sensitive and brutal. It’s hard to work out, let alone describe my reaction to this novel. It is written at a level of intimacy which you don’t often come across. It’s both unique and beautiful, and I loved the damaged […]