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A Twist of the Knife

A Twist of the Knife by Peter James. Post by Robyn55. This book is a collection of very, very scary short stories written by the author of the famous (infamous)? Roy Grace detective series. An accomplished author, Peter James takes his reader on a thrill ride with every story. All the tales are beautifully crafted, […]

Green Vanilla Tea May 12

Green Vanilla Tea

Green Vanilla Tea by Marie Williams. Post by Robyn55. Imagine that your beloved husband suddenly starts changing into someone you can hardly recognise. His habits, personality, and temperament start to change and he becomes hostile and confused. What would you think? For Marie Williams this became her living nightmare as her once kind, gentle husband […]

New York night May 11

New York Night

New York Night by Stephen Leather. I do not often read supernatural thrillers, but I do enjoy The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, so I gave this one a go. I found that I enjoyed this book even more than The Dresden Files, despite it being the 7th in the Jack Nightingale series. It was easy to […]

gap in time May 10

A Gap In Time

A Gap In Time by Jeanette Winterson. A gap in time written by Jeanette Winterson  is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale.   Having not read The Winter’s Tale before, I needed to brush up on the storyline but this book could be read independently with no Shakespeare knowledge. Shakespeare’s plots are usually […]

Fell from sky May 09

When I fell from the sky: surviving a plane crash

When I fell from the sky : the true story of one woman’s miraculous survival by Juliane Koepcke. A library customer told me about this book, and I just had to read it. Perhaps we all have some level of fear of flying, and it felt to me as though this book showed that there is […]

wasikowska-jane-eyre April 11

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. On impulse I decided to re-read this classic novel which I originally read as a teenager. A similar impulse to read Sense and Sensibility a couple of years ago was a disappointing experience, but this time I really did enjoy Jane Eyre … from which I had forgotten all but the […]

tricky 22 February 26

Tricky Twenty-Two

Tricky Twenty-Two by Janet Evanovich. I have enjoyed the Stephanie Plum series since I read the first book ‘One For The Money‘, which has been made in to a successful movie. Tricky Twenty-two is the twenty-second book in this long-running series, and it is a great read which will keep you turning the pages and […]

make me February 25

Make Me

Make Me by Lee Child. Make Me is the new Jack Reacher thriller, and I was hooked on it right from the start. Jack Reacher got off the train in Mother’s Rest for no other reason than he had seen the name on a map and was curious about how the town had got it’s […]

red rising February 24

Red Rising

Red Rising  by Pierce Brown. Post by Jenni. So much wisdom in a racing YA novel full of adventure and excitement! The thing that impresses me most about this apparently debut novel is the attention to characterisation, plot, moral universe and writing. I love that Pierce refuses to have Captain America as the leader we follow: […]

career of evil February 23

Career Of Evil

Career Of Evil by Robert Galbraith. This book is the entertaining third novel written by J. K. Rowling under her pseudonym of Robert Galbraith, and it is both a mystery and a thriller. When arriving at work one day, Robin is handed a package that she assumes is a box of disposable cameras to be […]


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