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August 25

Mississippi burning – a novel about the people of the deep South of America

Mississippi Burning by  Greg Iles. Post by Robyne. This book is the third in the series about the life of Natchez mayor Penn Cage and his families involvement with the Klu Klux Klan, and we already know that this will not have a happy ending. The other two novels ”Natchez Burning” and “The Bone Tree” set the scene […]

August 24

Taken at the flood

Taken At The Flood by Agatha Christie. Post by Sandra.   I recently enjoyed reading this mystery novel by Agatha Christie which I found quite compelling. This is a story of a brother and sister who arrive at a little village in England and ensconce themselves in the beautiful country manor house of Rosaleen’s late […]

August 23

Into the water

Into the Water by Paula Hawkins. Post by Robyne. This is the much anticipated novel by the author of the hot hit ‘Girl on the Train‘, and I tried so hard to love it. Unfortunately all I could manage was a ‘like’. So, not too bad, but not great. When I thought about what I […]

August 22

The course of love

The Course of Love  by Alain de Botton. Post by Rebecca. Is it a love story, or is it a book about the psychology of marriage?  With this bestselling novel by popular philosopher Alain de Botton, you get both. You’ll find this book in the fiction section of the library, but it’s also full of perceptive […]

August 21

The Geography of Bliss

The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner.  Post by Rebecca. What does it take to make a person happy? What does it take to make a whole country happy? Subtitled “One Grump’s Search for the Happiest Places in the World”, this book takes us around the world on a journey to find out where the happiest […]

June 23

First, we make the beast beautiful: a new story about anxiety

First, we make the beast beautiful: a new story about anxiety, by Sarah Wilson. Post by Rebecca. This unusually titled book is written by Sarah Wilson, of “I Quit Sugar” and “I Quit Sugar: Simplicious” fame. It’s a very personal, very wise and very readable book that tackles the issue of anxiety – an issue […]

The wild, dark flowers

The Wild Dark Flowers by Elizabeth Cooke. Post by Sandra. This book is exquisitely written of a time past as the war years approach and affect the lives of the people who live at Rutherford Park.  There is the story of Harry Cavendish and his child, Cecilia, by a servant which he finds difficult to […]

June 21

Rutherford Park

Rutherford Park by Elizabeth Cooke. Post by Sandra. This novel is a story set at a beautiful country estate in England, Rutherford Park.  It is written with a wonderful insight  into the lives of the gentry and also the servants living at the estate.  It  is indicative of a time past where there was so […]

June 20

The Thirst

The Thirst by Jo Nesbo. Post by Robyn55.   As many of you will know This is the much anticipated new Harry Hole thriller.   Jo Nesbo has written 10 previous novels in which Harry Hole is his hero, and   what a hero.This book does not disappoint. Harry is once again on the trail […]

June 19

Only time will tell

Only time Will Tell by Jeffrey Archer. This fascinating tale is set in Bristol of the 1920’s and 1930’s.  It is a wonderful story of Harry Clifton, brought up and raised in the city, but by a mere chance of his singing ability is given opportunities which he would not otherwise have and receives an excellent grammar school […]