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2 February 12

In praise of Lumberjanes

Lumberjanes is set in a girl scout camp. The young, female characters face a series of supernatural threats. The only adults to aid them are an overwhelmed group leader and an often-absent camp owner who reminds me of a female Teddy Roosevelt.  Although suitable for children, it’s also a light read for adults. The thing I […]

redshirts3 February 03

Redshirts by John Scalzi: book club discussion questions

A reminder that all of our book club discussion questions contain spoilers. Synopsis An ensign on a starship notices that whenever the crew goes on away missions, at least one person dies. Can he avoid death long enough to work out what is going on, and find a way to save himself? Discussion questions Do […]

art of asking image February 01

Suggest me a biography?

Looking back on 2015, I read 110 books, and 8 of them were biographies. I had no idea I read so many, or enjoyed them so much. Please suggest new ones in the comments? To give you an idea of what I enjoyed, last year I read the following books. Here are my elevator pitches […]

poisoned crown cutdown image January 08

Suggest me a series?

January seems like a great excuse to go back through my reading journal and work out what I’ve really enjoyed in the past year.  I listen to series, even if I don’t like them very much at the beginning, in the hope they’ll come right at the end. Suggest me some?  Here’s what I read […]

fireworknewyear December 31

What are your reading resolutions?

Forget about weight loss, what are your reading resolutions for 2016? For the past few years, my resolutions have been about quantity (104 books per year). I’m not saying that’s a bad resolution, but I’d like to try something different this year. So, this year I will: Assess what I read last year I couldn’t […]

I_AM December 30

Rounding out 2015

In the final two months of 2015, my reading slowed down a lot, but I still managed to get through several remarkable books. (101) The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. Book club questions published earlier. (102) Wild Wales: its people language and scenery by George Borrow This is a Librivox recording of a travelogue made […]

The Monogram Murders by Sophie Hannah (but with Agatha Christie’s name in bigger writing on the cover)

The Christie Estate hired a modern author to pen a new Poirot story, which was released in September 2014. It has many of Poirot’s mannerisms, and is engaging, but it is difficult to recommend to all Christie fans. Consider, if you will Elvis impersonators…

santa-claus-hat-spider December 03

My Top Ten For 2015

Last year was a debacle: I couldn’t get to ten books to recommend from the hundred I’d read that year. This year, I have so many excellent choices I’m going to cheat and give some extras.  I may also come back and add a few in the comments, if I read something extraordinary over the […]

I_AM November 26

The Picture of Dorian Gray : Book Club Discussion Questions

A reminder that our book club discussion questions contain spoilers. Synopsis While modelling for an artist, a youth is instructed that only the life of pleasure has value. His spiral into dissipation is reflected not on his body, which retains its beauty and vigor, but in the portrait. City libraries has copies of this book […]

zen pencils November 19

Zen Pencils by Gavin Aung Than

This hefty book collects motivational comic strips from, a website by a talented Melbourne artist. It’s an easy read, but because the comics are meant for pondering, it should not be consumed in a single sitting. How you respond to it will vary, based on how the genre of inspirational comics strikes you. I note […]


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