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Supergod June 13

Supergod by Warren Ellis

Supergod is about the end of the world. A scientist responsible for the destruction of humanity sits, drunk and high, speaking into a communication device which appears to be a tape recorder. He recounts the arms race that led to the apocalypse. Several nations built “gods”, and these gods went to war. Each one breaks […]

letterschesterfield2 June 03

Letters to His Son on the Art of Becoming a Man of the World and a Gentleman by Phillip Stanhope, Lord Chesterfield

This book came about accidentally. Lord Chesterfield was high officer in the British Government during the Eighteenth Century, and wanted his natural son to be able to follow in his footsteps, into the diplomatic service. To allow his son to overcome the disadvantage of being a bastard, Chesterfield paid for a magnificent, practical education, where the […]

smile May 24

The graphic novels of Raina Telgemeier

As she enters her teens, Raina falls over and knocks out her front teeth. Smile is a graphic novel that charts her progress through orthodontic correction, and how her (minor, temporary) cosmetic impairment alters her social life and emotional development.  I was concerned that the technology she mentions has been surpassed but, “invisible’ braces aside, it […]

book-406806_960_720 May 06

The most banned books make the best reading

The American Library Association has put out the annual list of most challenged books for the past year.  I always think these lists are excellent for finding books that are unlikely to be dull, so, let’s have a look and see what’s available in City Libraries. As is often the case, the ALA list indicates […]

file0001279225405 May 04

Reading diary – March and April 2016

Sick kids and podcast addiction have gotten in the way of reading. What a lot of graphic novels… The Annihilation Score by Charles Stross Charles Stross’s Laundry series is brilliant, a cross of Lovecraftian horror and Le Carre with a humourous twist, and but you shouldn’t start here.  The series has been chugging along since The […]

6 April 29

Saga: the book which will convince you to read graphic novels

So, for the last few years I’ve advocated strongly that all the staff in my library, and all of our Book coasters readers, should at least try the graphic novel format. I’ve talked about four-color heroes and  biographies of concentration camp survivors, surreal dark fantasy and nostalgic Americana,  Biblical interpretations and Tori Amos lyrics, books […]

5 April 18

On the Origin of Species

Darwin is one of those authors people pretend to have read, and speak as though they have grasped his fundamental point, when instead they are just expanding on a caricature that clouds about his book.  His idea, which was revolutionary at the time (although, even he points out, not original) was that species are created […]

Great_Fire_London April 12

The Diary of Samuel Pepys : so rich I couldn’t think of a subtitle

So, for the Reader’s Season I can see that people are mostly going for fiction: time to stand up for some fantastic non-fiction. On the First of January, 1660, a minor government functionary in London began a diary, and kept to his writing for ten years. In the million words which followed, he charted great […]

menabillyb26wphoto March 15

Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier

From Lisa at Elanora Branch I am going to enjoy discussing this book at the Elanora Library “Afternoon with a Classic” session this Friday. Although I have always admired the opening sentence of this novel:“Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again”, I have never actually read the book before. From the opening sentence to […]

lovers quarrel March 14

Astro City : Lovers Quarrel

Astro City, unlike the larger graphic novel franchises, allows its character to age and permanently die. This allows the author, Kurt Busiek, to tell stories that are not possible in Marvel or DC. In Marvel, the characters have started to explicitly notice that it is hard for them to stay dead. Hawkeye, for example, died, […]


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