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50G February 19

In Defence of Bad Books

The parts of the internet I frequent hate the film of 50 Shades of Grey.

What’s your favourite Chinese novel?

The Gold Coast’s Chinatown has its launch tomorrow, so now’s the time to think “ much Chinese literature have I read?  What did I like? Why?” and then ask your friends the same questions. My answer is the Obvious Australian answer: The Journey to the West by Wu Cheng-en.  I have an abridged copy in […]

Stell prize logo February 16

The Stella Prize 2015 long list published

The Stella Prize Long List has been announced. Thanks to Sue over at Whispering Gums for reviewing them all. The Stella is an award for female Australia authors, regardless of genre. To make it easier to find the books, here are the Gold Coast Library Catalog links. Maxine Beneba Clarke’s Foreign Soil Emily Bitto’s The […]

Ready player one cover February 09

Ready Player One Book Club Discussion Questions

A teenager, living through a future economic collapse, finds the first clue in a puzzle devised by a reclusive eccentric.

NHD January 28

Reading Journal : Bildungsromans and female characters

Although our challenge for this year isn’t based on quantity, we’d like to suggest to you that the benefits of keeping a reading journal are many. Reading other people’s journals is also really interesting, so please keep journaling! #1  13 Little Blue Envelopes I’m well outside the target audience for this book, which details the […]

Nerdsign4 January 22

On the Theory of “…in your pants”

Is every title made more amusing by adding “…in your pants.”?

art of asking image January 20

The Art of Asking : book club discussion questions

Please be aware that our book club discussion questions contain spoilers Synopsis The Art of Asking is about the formation of a supportive community around the artist (and narrator) Amanda Palmer, and the role which asking and giving has played in her professional success. The book is a memoir, and covers her early professional life, […]

Revolution cover crop January 05

Revolution by Russell Brand : Book Club Discussion Questions

It’s traditional to note that our book club discussion questions contain spoilers, but I’d argue that doesn’t matter in this case. Synopsis Revolution was written by comedian Russell Brand. He argues that his personal path, away from celebrity and addiction, reflects changes which society should make, away from the commercial and superficial. The book’s chapters […]

Thug kitchen January 02

Books for Christmas? Show us your swag!

Please share your swag in the comments.

104b December 31

104 in 2014 : December and Curtain

So this challenge draws to a close.  I completed 107 books, and lost 22 kilos, so that all went rather better than expected.  My reading this month has been wrecked by watching the 48 hours of the Project for Awesome Livestream, where a community centered on the author John Green and his science educator brother […]


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