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Sea dollar photo September 09

The Shepherd’s Crown : A fond farewell to the Discworld

All of our reviews contain spoilers, but in this case an added warning seems appropriate.

David byrne September 02

How Music Works : This really is tremendous

How music works by David Byrne is simply excellent, and I recommend it broadly for those interested in the making of music, or any of the other commercially-performed arts.

Archie milkshake August 27

The Death of Archie Andrews

This is a great graphic novel, which I recommend widely. Archie Comics has been a highly experimental company for the last few years. I think readers miss that because their subject matter seems nostalgic. Archie Comics give the impression that they sell easy Americana. It’s all small town life, love triangles, and teenage japes. This […]

gardenstair2 August 20

The Tale of Terror: The history of early horror writing

If you are an avid horror reader, and want to mine the early authors in the genre, I highly recommend this book. It was a thesis, so it’s not as lengthy as a modern reference book. Read aloud it is only seven hours long. Much of its content was taken (with attribution) by H.P. Lovecraft […]

GZC3 August 18

The Great Zoo of China : not worth finishing?

I tried to like this book. Mr Rilley is one of Australia’s most popular authors, and I have never read any of his work. I was put off, many years ago, by an interview he did for ABC Radio, where they had him describe his work in third person, with a tremendous amount of self-congratulation. […]

LV10 August 12

Librivox turns 10: free audiobooks, a decade on

Congratulations to Librivox on 10 years and 9570 books.

poisoned crown cutdown image August 01

July reading diary : a little murder, a little warfare, a little ukulele…

A mixed month of books: a little murder, a little warfare, a little ukulele… (73-74) The Strangled Queen and The Poisoned Crown by Maurice Druon I started this series last month, and liked the first book, but felt it was incomplete. The Iron King sets up the characters for the author, who uses them in […]

Mad Love Cover July 31

Batman : Mad Love And Other Stories

The Suicide Squad movie hits theaters this week, so if you are the type who likes to read the book before seeing the movie, may I suggest Batman : Mad Love and Other Stories? It is the origin for Harley Quinn (the woman with the multicolored hair on the movie posters). Harley’s development as a […]

Vegetarian haggis July 27

Facing the terrors of antediluvian vegetarianism for Cooking for Copyright

Time to make the vegetarian haggis.

cooking4copyright July 27

Classic Australian Recipes

This week book coasters is supporting Cooking For Copyright. To inspire you, let’s break out some modern collections of classic Australian cookery.


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