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July 17

The upside of over by J.D Barrett

The upside of over by J. D. Barrett I picked up this book after reading the blurb thinking it would help me move on. As the premise is that Olivia’s life falls apart when she loses her job and her husband at the same time. She turns her life around and gets herself back again. […]

July 11

The River Sings

The River sings by Australian author Sandra Leigh Price is enchanting. Patrin is a Romany gypsy living in nineteenth century England. The traditions of her people are entrenched in her heart and flow through her blood: being connected to nature, following the seasons, living off the land, following the wind and living a nomadic lifestyle. […]

July 09

Juniper: the girl who was born too soon

Juniper: the girl who was born too soon. Parents Tom & Kelley French, are both journalists and professors in The Media School at Indiana University. Together they wrote Juniper, a memoir that is an astounding testament to the miraculous marvels of science and medical support, the determination of a mother and father and micro-premie baby with a […]

July 06


Dustfall by Michelle Johnston  Post by Carolyn. This is a must read! There are so many layers and themes in this well-crafted first novel it has given me much to reflect on for weeks after first reading it. The primary story deals with the tragedy of Wittenoom in Western Australia and the lives across different generations affected by the asbestos […]

July 06

The DC Superhero Girls series

The Library Service has been advocating for graphic novel reading for about a decade. Graphic novels are interesting and fun, but beyond that they can serve as a useful bridge between early literacy levels. It’s a space in which most intellectual properties are focused on male readers, although there’s been a lot of movement toward […]

July 05

The knife of never letting go

The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness. Post by Rebecca. The award winning young adult novel “The Knife of Never Letting Go” is 10 years old this year, and I can only ask myself, “how did it take me so long to get around to reading it?”  I would classify this book as a […]

the goldfinch July 04

The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. Post by Rebecca. Where to start when writing about this incredible novel? I’d been wanting to sink my teeth into this brick-sized book since I read Donna Tartt’s brilliant but exhausting first novel, The Secret History. The Goldfinch (which is named after the Dutch painting of the same name which now […]

July 02

Let me lie

Let me lie by Claire MacKintosh. Post by Robyn55. All mothers of new babies need their own mothers around to provide much needed maternal support at this wonderful but slightly scary time, don’t they? But for new mum Anna Johnson this was just not possible. Anna’s mum ‘Caroline’ had committed suicide just months before the […]

June 29

Vanessa and her sister / Priya Parmar

Vanessa and her sister / Priya Parmar   Vanessa and Virginia Stephens are sisters. You may know them better by their married names, Vanessa Bell the artist and Virginia Woolf the author. Virginia Woolf is one of my favourite authors, so I was pretty excited to read this fictionalised account of their lives. At first I thought it […]

June 28

The stand / Stephen King

The stand / Stephen King   Don’t be tempted to dismiss Stephen King just because he writes horror stories. Someone as prolific as him (what do they put in the water out there in Maine?) has a very large body of work, some good, some bad and some …. Not so much. Sure, he can write horror […]