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“Every hour, someone for whom the war was a memory falls out of this world”

All the light we cannot see by Anthony Doerr “A diamond is only a piece of carbon compressed in the bowels of the earth for eons and driven to the surface in a volcanic pipe” (Page 109)  however can you imagine a 133 carat diamond? A giant blue diamond dubbed the Sea of Flames. A […]

Are You experienced?

  “Are you experienced?’ by  William Sutcliffe  An hilarious novel about finding oneself whilst travelling in India… which also includes the ups, downs and lots of other angles when travelling with members of the opposite sex! Quirky, loads of fun and laughs, which sent me straight back to my travelling days – Review submitted by […]

Disturbing jester April 17

Something Wicked This Way Comes – Book Club Discussion Questions

A reminder: all of our book club discussion questions contain spoilers. Synopsis The week before Halloween, a carnival train arrives in a small American village. The freakish performers of Cooger and Dark’s Pandemonium Shadow Show offer the residents of Greentown their secret desires. Only two teenaged boys, and a man weighed down with age, understand […]

Under the Skin – movie

  Jonathan Glazer’s 2014 film Under the Skin is an arty and edgy adaptation of the novel of the same name by Michel Faber. Glazer intentionally “stripped back” the story to concentrate on the predatory side of the novel’s main character. Scarlett Johannson is the alien Isserley who lures well-built men into her van with […]

indexCAZB1K20 April 15

Under the Skin – The Future of Mankind is at Steak

Under the Skin is a 2000 sci-fi novel by Michel Faber[1][2] set in northern Scotland. The novel, which was Faber’s debut, was shortlisted for the 2000 Whitbread Award. It was later adapted into a feature film by Jonathan Glazer.[3]  Isserley is an alien disguised as an atractive woman who  cruises the remote highways of northern Scotland […]

Sour: My Story

‘Sour: My Story’, a biography by Tracey Miller.   Sour, aka Tracey Miller, a disadvantaged girl of Jamaican descent, tells her story about growing up in a South London housing estate with her dysfunctional, mentally ill mother, and convicted rapist father.  Sour transitions from petty crime into gangland. Sour soon becomes a “name” within the […]

Red Rising April 09

Revenge of the Reds

I read Red Rising which is the first book in Pierce Brown’s Red Rising Trilogy a few months ago and have just finished devouring the second book Golden Son.  Red Rising was published in 2014 and Golden Son in 2015. I’m hoping that Pierce is putting in some extra long writing days as I’d really […]

The Girl on the train

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins is yet another psychological thriller likened to Gone Girl. The comparison is really only accurate insofar as they are both psychological thrillers, and both excellent novels. Rachel – the titular girl on the train – is somewhat of a train wreck: divorced, alcoholic and on a downward […]

The Happiest Refugee April 01

April online ebook club – The Happiest Refugee by Anh Do

This month we’re reading The Happiest Refugee, Comedian Anh Do’s very memoir about growing up in Australia as a refugee from Vietnam. Anh Do and his family fled war-torn Vietnam on an overcrowded boat when he was 2 years old. On arrival in Australia the family worked hard to make ends meet while adjusting to their new life. When Anh was 13, his father left his mother and this loss was felt deeply. Despite this the family maintained their sense of humour and Anh went onto graduate university with a law degree and become one of Australia’s most popular Comedians.

March online ebook club wrap-up – Hypocrites’ Isle

This month we read a medical thriller for our online ebook club. Hypocrites’ Isle by Ken McClure is the very depressing story about the corporate side of medical research. The novel centres around intelligent but socially awkward PhD student Gavin Donnelly. Gavin has uncovered a potential cure for cancer but, along with his supervisor Dr […]


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