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smile May 24

The graphic novels of Raina Telgemeier

As she enters her teens, Raina falls over and knocks out her front teeth. Smile is a graphic novel that charts her progress through orthodontic correction, and how her (minor, temporary) cosmetic impairment alters her social life and emotional development.  I was concerned that the technology she mentions has been surpassed but, “invisible’ braces aside, it […]

home May 16

A Little Life has a big impact

A Little Life has had rave reviews from almost every literary publication you pick up as well as being recommended by The Tuesday Night Book Club.  I won’t attempt to compete with these reviews here – you can read them online – but I will give you my personal take on this book. A Little […]

A Twist of the Knife

A Twist of the Knife by Peter James. Post by Robyn55. This book is a collection of very, very scary short stories written by the author of the famous (infamous)? Roy Grace detective series. An accomplished author, Peter James takes his reader on a thrill ride with every story. All the tales are beautifully crafted, […]

Green Vanilla Tea May 12

Green Vanilla Tea

Green Vanilla Tea by Marie Williams. Post by Robyn55. Imagine that your beloved husband suddenly starts changing into someone you can hardly recognise. His habits, personality, and temperament start to change and he becomes hostile and confused. What would you think? For Marie Williams this became her living nightmare as her once kind, gentle husband […]

sophie stark May 11

The Life and Death of Sophie Stark

Meet Sophie Stark.  Sophie Stark stole her name from a photograph she saw of a woman she liked the look of when she was 14 years old.  Sophie Stark is probably on the Autism Spectrum.  Sophie Stark has many admirers but few friends.  Sophie Stark reminds me of Lisbeth Salander – the computer hacker from the Girl with the Dragon […]

New York night May 11

New York Night

New York Night by Stephen Leather. I do not often read supernatural thrillers, but I do enjoy The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, so I gave this one a go. I found that I enjoyed this book even more than The Dresden Files, despite it being the 7th in the Jack Nightingale series. It was easy to […]

gap in time May 10

A Gap In Time

A Gap In Time by Jeanette Winterson. A gap in time written by Jeanette Winterson  is an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale.   Having not read The Winter’s Tale before, I needed to brush up on the storyline but this book could be read independently with no Shakespeare knowledge. Shakespeare’s plots are usually […]

Fell from sky May 09

When I fell from the sky: surviving a plane crash

When I fell from the sky : the true story of one woman’s miraculous survival by Juliane Koepcke. A library customer told me about this book, and I just had to read it. Perhaps we all have some level of fear of flying, and it felt to me as though this book showed that there is […]

My brilliant friend May 05

My Brilliant Friend

My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante (translated from Italian by Anne Goldstein) Review by Jenni An interesting read, not surprisingly lauded by many readers. This novel captures the flawed, unconscious understandings of childhood – the petty and destructive competitions and jealousies which nevertheless drive important decisions, which reveal themselves when time is collapsed by adult eyes, […]

file0001279225405 May 04

Reading diary – March and April 2016

Sick kids and podcast addiction have gotten in the way of reading. What a lot of graphic novels… The Annihilation Score by Charles Stross Charles Stross’s Laundry series is brilliant, a cross of Lovecraftian horror and Le Carre with a humourous twist, and but you shouldn’t start here.  The series has been chugging along since The […]


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