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between wolf and dog December 08

Between a Wolf and a Dog

Between a Wolf and a Dog by Georgia Blain. Post by Robne55. In the world of books today it often seems that authors are continually trying to outdo each other. Bigger stories, better plot-lines, more complicated characters – think Stephen King, or James Patterson. All extraordinary things happening to ordinary people. What would happen if […]

closed-casket December 07

Closed Casket

Closed Casket by Sophie Hannah and Agatha Christie. Post by Robyne55. Of course this book is not written by Sophie Hannah and Agatha Christie because Agatha Christie died a long time ago. However, it appears Sophie Hannah has Ms. Christie’s divine guidance in the writing of this Hercule Poirot mystery. It has become fashionable to […]

Thursdays children December 06

Thursday’s Children

Thursday’s Children by Nikki French. Post by Sandra Taylor. A  psychological thriller which is quite compelling to read. A crime is perpetrated many years previously on a teenage girl and later the same crime is committed in a similar set of circumstances on another young girl. This book deals with the anxiety, the loss of […]

The Shadow Queen

The Shadow Queen by Sandra Gulland. Post by Sandra Taylor.   This wonderful novel by celebrated author Sandra Gulland of The Josephine Trilogy tells the complex tale of the early years of the life of Claude des Oeillets.  This is a great novel which I enjoyed reading. Claude des Oeillets was a personal assistant to […]

index November 30

Little Sister by David Hewson

Posted by Neen Little Sister by David Hewson If you like European Noir crime like Wallander and Stieg Larsson, then you will love the Pieter Vos series. Little Sister is number 3 and the latest one after The Wrong Girl and The House of Dolls. David Hewson has also written a series of bestselling novels based on the Danish TV […]

index-2 November 29

Tricky Twenty-Two by Janet Evanovich

Reviewed by Greg Tricky twenty-two by Janet Evanovich The latest in the hilarious adventures of Stephanie Plumb, the somewhat unorthodox but successful bounty hunter from Trenton, New Jersey.  Along with her sidekick Lula, the plus sized ex-ho who manages to squeeze herself in to sparkly outfits several sizes too small, Stephanie is on the trail of […]

index November 28

The Soldier’s Curse by Meg and Tom Keneally

Posted by Neen The Soldier’s Curse by Meg and Tom Keneally The Soldier’s Curse is the first installment in a new series by iconic Australian author Thomas Keneally, writing in collaboration with his daughter Meg. It introduces a fascinating investigator in Hugh Monsarrat, and is also a beautifully written exploration of colonial-era Australia, and the conflicts between not only the convicts […]

718mntsuyol November 24

Daughter of the Razor: An Australian True Crime Story

Maria Tinschert was recently a Living Book speaker at our libraries, sharing her story of growing up as the daughter of a woman connected to Sydney’s infamous Razor Gang. We’re therefore excited to let you know that Maria’s story has now been published as her first book, and we have copies to borrow. Before the age […]

book-cover November 23

The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty

This novel has an authentic voice, and is enriched by an interesting internal dialogue for each of the characters, revealing their insecurities and social facades, their fears and their pride, arising from the tragedy of the death of Janie, and the less obviously consequential tragedies of emotional infidelity, insensitivity and domination and repression which rock […]

10677213 November 23

Van Gogh: the Life by Steven Naifeh, Gregory White Smith

The bare bones of his story is the stuff of romance for an adoring public, but the reality, here portrayed so well, is only sad and devastating, leaving the reader bereft at the end, at the brilliance of his work and impossibility for him of finding rest until death.