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Time and Time Again by Ben Elton

If you could go back in time and change one piece of history – what would you consider to be the most important one to change? That is the question that Hugh Stanton has to answer in Time and Time Again, a very cleverly written time travel story by Ben Elton. Hugh Stanton is an […]

redshirts3 February 03

Redshirts by John Scalzi: book club discussion questions

A reminder that all of our book club discussion questions contain spoilers. Synopsis An ensign on a starship notices that whenever the crew goes on away missions, at least one person dies. Can he avoid death long enough to work out what is going on, and find a way to save himself? Discussion questions Do […]

Thea Astley – The Multiple effects of Rainshadow

Wow, this is one of those books that when you finish it you just sit there for a bit, staring at the book and trying to compose your thoughts. It is beautifully written but boy is it bleak. The Multiple Effects of Rainshadow is based on true events on Palm Island in Northern Queensland in […]

art of asking image February 01

Suggest me a biography?

Looking back on 2015, I read 110 books, and 8 of them were biographies. I had no idea I read so many, or enjoyed them so much. Please suggest new ones in the comments? To give you an idea of what I enjoyed, last year I read the following books. Here are my elevator pitches […]

The Japanese Lover

Isabel Allende is the consummate storyteller and her latest offering is a delight. Her characters draw the reader into their lives and mysteries while her sympathetic portraits are irresistible. She story begins in the 1930s and ends in the present – weaving history, art, travel, gardening, love, cultural differences and society’s vastly changed attitudes into […]

9781780190211 January 14

A Complete Directory of Military Vehicles

Getting Beyond One Tough Truck MAN TGA-Serie Medium Mobility Truck (Germany) What started my interest in this book was watching a video on a camper truck. A MAN 4×4 Camper Truck. I was thinking imagine, setting up camp in this…really does beat a standard camper trailer or even caravan, where did such a capable truck come […]

chook January 09

What the Dickens? It’s 2016?

Confound and dagnabbit! What happened to last year? For that matter, what happened to last week? I’m not even reporting on the new year in a timely fashion. I’ve just been tidying up the old blog dashboard and I found some drafts for reading journal posts from last August, It’s nice to know that I […]

poisoned crown cutdown image January 08

Suggest me a series?

January seems like a great excuse to go back through my reading journal and work out what I’ve really enjoyed in the past year.  I listen to series, even if I don’t like them very much at the beginning, in the hope they’ll come right at the end. Suggest me some?  Here’s what I read […]

Nine Days January 07

Nine Days by Toni Jordan

Nine Days is an easy but intriguing read. It follows nine people on nine significant days in their lives. It spans generations but ultimately revolves around one family and a photo that was taken during WWII in Melbourne. Each chapter is told from the perspective of a different character. At first I found this frustrating […]

I_AM December 30

Rounding out 2015

In the final two months of 2015, my reading slowed down a lot, but I still managed to get through several remarkable books. (101) The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. Book club questions published earlier. (102) Wild Wales: its people language and scenery by George Borrow This is a Librivox recording of a travelogue made […]


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