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May 29

Unmasked by Turia Pitt

I set myself a challenge this year to step out of my comfort zone of reading only fantasy, and to try and explore new genres. I had seen Turia’s story on the news, who hadn’t, and I thought to myself, possibly this could be a good autobiography. Well, I am happy to say I was […]

January 14

Outback Cop – Neale McShane with Evan McHugh

Outback Cop – Neale McShane with Evan McHugh One of my top 3 picks for 2017. True story of the sole cop who for 10 years patrolled an area the size of England in Outback Queensland. The style of writing is along the lines of two mates having a yarn on the back veranda, so […]

January 08

This is going to hurt : secret diaries of a junior doctor – Adam Kay

This is going to hurt – Adam Kay This book is laugh out loud funny and one of my top picks.  It was voted best non fiction of 2017 by Guardian newspaper readers. Adam Kay shares the hilarious diaries of his time as a junior doctor and later obstetrician in the NHS in England.  Adam […]

November 13

Hillbilly elegy: a memoir of a family and culture in crisis by V. D. Vance

  I chose this book for several reasons.  I am still trying to wrap my head around how Trump’s America sprang up. I only know the use of Hillbilly as a derogatory term for the people of the Appalachian Mountains. I am always interested in a story of people overcoming the odds to make a […]

November 09

To a mountain in Tibet by Colin Thubron

‘To a Mountain in Tibet’ by Colin Thubron takes you on a magical journey across the Himalayan ranges towards the world’s most sacred Mountain. This pilgrimage begins in Nepal winding its way through the majestic Himalayas connecting the reader to the inhabitants and beauty of the region ending at the spectacular lakes of Mount Kailas. […]

November 02

One Italian summer

One Italian Summer: across the world and back in search of the good life by Pip Williams is the memoir of an Australian couple with two kids who live in the Adelaide Hills on property that they dream of farming and turning into an organic oasis. They are inspired by TV shows such as River […]

October 30


Inconceivable is the memoir of a brief but tragic period of time in Carolyn and Sean Savage’s life. In February 2009, an unforgivable accident occurred and a fertility doctor transferred another woman’s embryos into Carolyn’s womb. The outcome of which was a positive pregnancy test and a healthy foetus. Carolyn found herself in a terrible moral predicament, […]

August 21

The Geography of Bliss

The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner.  Post by Rebecca. What does it take to make a person happy? What does it take to make a whole country happy? Subtitled “One Grump’s Search for the Happiest Places in the World”, this book takes us around the world on a journey to find out where the happiest […]

Ghost Empire

GHOST EMPIRE  – Richard Fidler There were moments when I thought I would not finish this book, as it rambles across timelines, locations and people. I did finish it though and was in the end glad I did. Like most, I was aware that ‘”Istanbul was once Constantinople”, but not a whole lot more. This […]

April 24

The Ecclesiastical History of England by the Venerable Bede

This book has a niche audience. I enjoyed it, and found the following features appealing: it describes the early history of the English. I’m into Arthuriana, so the period is one to which I’m drawn. It is written with an interesting archaic cadence, which works well in audiobook.  I listened to the free Librivox English edition […]