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I_AM November 26

The Picture of Dorian Gray : Book Club Discussion Questions

A reminder that our book club discussion questions contain spoilers. Synopsis While modelling for an artist, a youth is instructed that only the life of pleasure has value. His spiral into dissipation is reflected not on his body, which retains its beauty and vigor, but in the portrait. City libraries has copies of this book […]

Secret Keeping For Beginners by Maggie Alderson

Secret Keeping For Beginners. Can anything good come from keeping secrets?  Read this book and find out! The characters are like most families with annoying traits.  Joy and her daughter’s Tessa, Rachel and Natasha are all keeping secrets.  They all struggle to manage their lives and each try to cope in their own way without asking for […]

The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra by Vaseem Khan

Author Vaseem Khan first saw the elephant that inspired The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra during a trip to Mumbai almost 20 years before writing this, his debut novel. We meet the title character, Inspector Chopra, in the modern city of Mumbai  on the day that he is forced into early retirement from the police force. This is […]

The Dust That Falls from Dreams by Louis de Bernieres

It struck me the irony of finishing The Dust that Falls from Dreams prior to 11 November and that is has brought into focus the toll behind the armistice and the moment when the hostilities ceased on the Western Front. The novel follows the loves and fortunes of the McCost, Pitt and Pendennis families, in […]


A middle-aged cop and a teenage girl fall to their death from a high-rise building in London’s East End. The girl had abducted a 5 year old boy. Left behind horrified and in shock on the roof are young PC Lizzie and the child, Ben. Lizzie disappears and Sarah Collins from Police Internal Investigation is […]

Lost & Found – Brooke Davis

A first novel from Australian author, Brooke Davis; funny, sad, thought provoking and heart warming. I read “Lost & Found” in the doctor’s surgery waiting for my husband and got the giggles; I couldn’t stop. I put the book away and every time I thought of it I started again. Loved this story based on […]

Writers’ block this Saturday

Are you a writer living in the south-east corner of Queensland, or even in the north-east corner of New South Wales? Block out this Saturday, 7 November, to work on your writing craft and join us for Writers’ block at Robina Branch Library and auditorium. Here’s the program: 9am – 10am Jeff Licence: 500 words […]

Organize Your Home: Clutter Cures for Every Room

This has been the one of the best book for anyone thinking of having a De-clutter! It has so many great storage and de-cluttering ideas… Anyone thinking of having a spring clean this is well worth a read or even just looking at some of the pictures to get some ideas for your home, office […]

The Revenant

Based on the true life experience of Hugh Glass, an American Fur Trapper and Frontiersmen during the first third of the 19th century; The Revenant is tells of a bear attack that Glass survived earning him the title of Revenant (a person who has returned, particularly from the dead) and how an injured Glass, after being […]

A Man Called Ove

Now here is a character who is irresistible, unintentionally very funny and ultimately a big-hearted softy, but on first acquaintance Ove seems to be the grumpiest man you will ever meet. “I really don’t think he’s an odd person. He just has his principles. Everyone does; it’s just a matter of different principles. The thing […]


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