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August 17

Cars of the Soviet Union: The Definitive History

Cars of the Soviet Union is Such a fun read to see some of the great cars on the road before during and after the cold war.  Lada one of Russia’s iconic car makers features heavily in the book along with some other great Soviet era cars. So where exactly would help come from on […]

August 17

Moonlight over Paris / Jennifer Robson

Moonlight over Paris is a delight to read. Set in Paris during the 1920’s, aristocrat Lady Helena Montagu-Douglas-Parr has been deemed terminally ill with Scarlet fever. With death knocking on her door at the early age of 28, Helena realises she had been coasting through life. In light of this, she made a deal with herself; […]

August 17

Two Days Gone : a Ryan DeMarco Mystery by Randall Silvis

Posted by Neen Two Days Gone : a Ryan DeMarco Mystery by Randall Silvis In this skillfully written thriller, Thomas Huston, a respected college professor and acclaimed author, appears to have murdered his wife and their three children then disappeared. Why did he do it? And where is he? Sergeant Ryan DeMarco is the policeman […]

August 16

Shining City by Tom Rosenstiel

Posted by Neen Shining City by Tom Rosenstiel Veteran political fixers, Peter Rena and Randi Brooks, have been hired by the US President to run a background check on Roland Madison, the President’s preferred nominee for the Supreme Court. They uncover evidence of Madison’s involvement in radical activities in the sixties, and even though it was a lifetime […]

August 15

Transit Maps of the World: Expanded and Updated Edition of the World’s First Collection of Every Urban Train Map on Earth

Ever looked closely at a Transit Map? You might just be surprised just how interesting they can be. Imagine a ant’s nest for humans. Cover Picture Source:

August 15

A Single Spy by William Christie

Posted by Neen A Single Spy by William Christie Moscow, 1936. Alexsi Smirnov, 16 year-old orphan and thief, has been living by his wits and managing to avoid the attention of the Soviet authorities when his luck runs out. Alexsi is caught by the secret police and given an ultimatum – to be trained and inserted as a spy into […]

August 15

Holden Our Car 1856-2017

Football Meat Pies & Holden Cars and Our Holden Cars When I was growing up it was the era of the Holden Commodores VK series to be exact. With its space age dash design it was seriously cool. For the 80’s that is… Our Holden Car 1856-2017 Outlines the history and models of Holden from […]

July 25

Nice covers – what’s inside’s good too!

We don’t often focus on cover design here on Book Coasters, but Nicks Earls’ Wisdom Tree series demands attention. A series of five highly readable novellas, the covers won the Australian Book Design Awards 2017 for best series. We love the covers, but the words inside aren’t bad either! If you haven’t starting reading them yet, […]

Revolution cover crop July 19

Podcasters with books

I’ve been deep diving on podcasts recently, so that means I have less to say about books than is usual at my turn.  That being said, many of my favorite podcasters have books in our collection. Let’s work through some of my favorite podcasts with tie-in books, and please add yours in the comments. Dear […]

July 12

My cousin Rachel by Daphne Du Maurier

I’m not sure why, but lately I seem to have developed a passion for all things written about, or filmed in, Cornwall. Much to my great joy the new series of “Poldark” has started airing on the ABC, and now My Cousin Rachel , also set in Cornwall, has just been released in cinemas in Australia. […]