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The Tenderness of Wolves – Stef Penney

Winner of the 2006 Costa First Novel Award, Stef Penney’s, The Tenderness of Wolves is a beautifully written debut novel about Canada, 1867. Winter takes a grip on the Canadian, Hudson Bay Company settlement; Dove River.  A fur trapper is found murdered in his isolated hut by Mrs Ross, wife of a local farmer. Her […]

What the staff are reading at our library this month

Below is a list of what the staff are reading in our branch library this month – a very eclectic mix.   “The Martian” by Andy Weir.   Thriller set on Mars.  Witty dialogue.  Great characters and a fast pace.  Added extra is the science explained (believe it or not!)   “Hello” magazine. English gossip magazine Light […]

“The Hidden Child”- Camilla Lackberg

Camilla Lackberg…The Hidden Child Have you ever taken a book home from the library only to find you have read it before?  I did that with Swedish novelist,  Camilla Lackberg’s The Hidden Child.  A fan of Lackberg’s writing, I enjoyed this novel as much as I did the first time. Set in a town in […]

The Shipping News – Stormy, with a chance of redemption…

The Shipping News – E Annie Proulx       Stormy, with a chance of redemption …   Timid, put-upon Quoyle has grown up and lived in upstate New York since his family emigrated from Newfoundland but, after a series of disruptive events, he is persuaded to return to his ancestral home in Canada.   The story […]

Red Rising April 09

Revenge of the Reds

I read Red Rising which is the first book in Pierce Brown’s Red Rising Trilogy a few months ago and have just finished devouring the second book Golden Son.  Red Rising was published in 2014 and Golden Son in 2015. I’m hoping that Pierce is putting in some extra long writing days as I’d really […]

file0001279225405 April 01

Vikings and the Origin of the Musical

Much as evolutionary biologists are shocked and gratified when they discover the teeth of an unknown primate, I was amazed yesterday to discover that the Vikings liked musicals.  I was listening to the Librivox version of The Saga of Gunnlaug the Worm-Tongue and Raven the Skald, and noticed that there were clear signs of it […]

hornblower2 March 27

Reading Journal: March 2015

(19) The Intoxicated Ghost and Other Stories by Arlo Bates. Arlo Bates wasan American author and academic early in the Twentieth Century. The collection is interesting, but not excellent, saving one story I’d like to highlight Miss Gaylord and Jenny, which is one of the earliest uses of dissociative identity disorder I’ve seen in fiction. […]

Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley (again).

“Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again” – I have always found this opening line from Daphne Du Maurier’s “Rebecca” haunting and atmospheric. I have never actually read the book – but it’s on my list – I heard the line at the beginning of the movie many years ago and it has stayed […]

catcher March 17

Book club inspiration

Is your book club looking for something fresh to read? Librarians love book clubs. Really. We love you guys a lot. So we’ve got a whole new stack of book club kits ready to go at our Gold Coast libraries, to keep things fresh for our local book clubs. And if you’re not so local, […]

piglet March 14

Page to screen in 2015

It’s going to be another bumper year for movies based on books. I’ve already seen more than enough written about the film adaptation of E.L. James’ 50 Shades of Grey, released on Valentine’s Day, so let’s move on… After The Fault in Our Stars was such a hit last year, big things are expected of John Green’s Paper […]


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