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September 15

The Midnight Watch by David Dyer

Just what exactly happened on the SS Californian during the midnight watch the night the Titanic sank? This debut novel by David Dyer explores the motives of  the Californian‘s Captain, Stanley Lord, who did not respond to the distress rockets of the Titanic on April 15, 1912, despite being the closest ship in the area. Survivors […]

September 13

Still Can’t Find a Good Movie to Read? Want to Read a Good Movie 3! – More Good Movies From Around the World With Subtitles

Yes I know many of you have been waiting for a while in anticipation for the third installment where you’ll learn about more great subtitled movies. Well quite a few good ones have arrived in the collection in the last couple of months from all over the world. You will also find some on SBS […]

September 13

Beyond the Wall [electronic resource] : Exploring George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, from A Game of Thrones to A Dance with Dragons. by James Lowder (editor).

Beyond the Wall [electronic resource] : Exploring George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire, from A Game of Thrones to A Dance with Dragons. Winter has come. A Game of Thrones – you’ve read the books, you’ve seen the series, and you don’t want the experience to end. Stay in the conversation with […]

September 11

Alias Grace by Margaret Attwood

Everyone’s talking about the serialised version of The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood – everyone but me actually, as we had trouble streaming from SBS on demand, so I’ll just have to patiently wait for my hold on the library copy to arrive. We also have the 1990 film adaptation on the catalogue, starring Natasha […]

September 07

Uncle Remus stories by Joel Chandler Harris

I hesitated to listen to these stories: I’d heard they were racist. I’m OK with working through that sort of material, but was looking for something lighter, so it floated down my listening stack. It’s more complicated than that though… Joel Chandler Harris was a white guy who collected stories in the antebellum South of […]

August 17

Cars of the Soviet Union: The Definitive History

Cars of the Soviet Union is Such a fun read to see some of the great cars on the road before during and after the cold war.  Lada one of Russia’s iconic car makers features heavily in the book along with some other great Soviet era cars. So where exactly would help come from on […]

August 17

Moonlight over Paris / Jennifer Robson

Moonlight over Paris is a delight to read. Set in Paris during the 1920’s, aristocrat Lady Helena Montagu-Douglas-Parr has been deemed terminally ill with Scarlet fever. With death knocking on her door at the early age of 28, Helena realises she had been coasting through life. In light of this, she made a deal with herself; […]

August 17

Two Days Gone : a Ryan DeMarco Mystery by Randall Silvis

Posted by Neen Two Days Gone : a Ryan DeMarco Mystery by Randall Silvis In this skillfully written thriller, Thomas Huston, a respected college professor and acclaimed author, appears to have murdered his wife and their three children then disappeared. Why did he do it? And where is he? Sergeant Ryan DeMarco is the policeman […]

August 16

Shining City by Tom Rosenstiel

Posted by Neen Shining City by Tom Rosenstiel Veteran political fixers, Peter Rena and Randi Brooks, have been hired by the US President to run a background check on Roland Madison, the President’s preferred nominee for the Supreme Court. They uncover evidence of Madison’s involvement in radical activities in the sixties, and even though it was a lifetime […]

August 15

Transit Maps of the World: Expanded and Updated Edition of the World’s First Collection of Every Urban Train Map on Earth

Ever looked closely at a Transit Map? You might just be surprised just how interesting they can be. Imagine a ant’s nest for humans. Cover Picture Source: