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where trees were July 12

Where the Trees Were by Inga Simpson

Reviewed by Susan I would describe this book as a ‘love song to the landscape’,  as it so evocatively describes the characters’ relationships with it, as if the landscape itself has a personality. Written alternately from the perspective of Jay as a teenager and then as a young woman, the novel traverses the country of Western […]

7 July 12

Reading diary: May and June

More graphic novels than you could sensibly shake a mallet at

revenge cold river July 11

Revenge in a Cold River by Anne Perry

  Posted by Neen I find that Anne Perry’s books are a bit like a box of good chocolates – you just can’t stop at one, which is why I had to read Revenge in a Cold River. It’s no. 22 in the William Monk series, and I’ve read all the others. Her meticulous research, complex plots, and […]

7 July 08

The Invisibles by Grant Morrision

Literature is meant to allow you access to the life experience of others. That’s a big claim, but if the only think you can say about a book is that it was amusing, then it wasn’t really about anything, and you could have read a better book, which both amused and attempted something deeper. The Invisibles […]

Pciture of The Uncommon Reader July 04

The Uncommon Reader

The Uncommon Reader by Alan Bennett The Uncommon Reader has been written by the Tony Award winning playwright and author Alan Bennett. Bennett has been brought into the spotlight more recently by the movie “The Lady in the Van”. The Uncommon Reader takes us on a literary journey with the Queen of England. The Queen […]

BLR-FB-graphic June 23

Big Library Read: A Murder in Time

The school holidays are here again, but we’re making sure they’re not just about the kids! When you do manage to get some you time, we have unlimited free ebook downloads of A Murder In Time by Julie McElwain. From 23 June to 7 July, you’re guaranteed a copy of this new historical mystery as part […]

walk in the woods June 14

A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

A “Walk in the Woods” follows the adventures of Bill Bryson and his friend, Katz, both unfit, portly and poorly prepared, as they begin to trek the  2000 odd mile long Appalachian Trail in North America. Adding to the degree of difficulty, the pair are burdened with packs carrying their supplies, warm clothing, rain gear […]

Supergod June 13

Supergod by Warren Ellis

Supergod is about the end of the world. A scientist responsible for the destruction of humanity sits, drunk and high, speaking into a communication device which appears to be a tape recorder. He recounts the arms race that led to the apocalypse. Several nations built “gods”, and these gods went to war. Each one breaks […]

letterschesterfield2 June 03

Letters to His Son on the Art of Becoming a Man of the World and a Gentleman by Phillip Stanhope, Lord Chesterfield

This book came about accidentally. Lord Chesterfield was high officer in the British Government during the Eighteenth Century, and wanted his natural son to be able to follow in his footsteps, into the diplomatic service. To allow his son to overcome the disadvantage of being a bastard, Chesterfield paid for a magnificent, practical education, where the […]

Eat Desert for Breakfast May 25

Why it’s perfectly acceptable to eat desert for breakfast

Why it is perfectly acceptable to eat desert for breakfast by Nicole Joy Finally! A reason to eat desert for breakfast without the accompanying guilt! This is a fantastic book  written by Nicole Joy contains over 40 gluten free, dairy free, sugar free recipes. Nicole’s foreword gives you an insight into her torturous relationship with […]