Online resources : the lightning tour

Some of the staff at Nerang have been taking a quick tour of the 20 most popular online subscription-based resources. We wrote a couple of questions for each database, and have been solving them, as a way of investigating what’s available through our free-for-members-but-not-on-Google services. I thought our members might like to have a look at the diversity of material available, and some staff at other Branches might like to also like to sharpen their skills up.

Note that this isn’t a quiz: the answers have been provided so that you can check your technique is getting results. Some of the questions will go stale on book coasters, and for those I suggest just fiddling the dates to get something comparable. I’ve not included the URLs below because, if you are staff, part of what you are learning is where things are hidden around the site. Frustrating yes, but good for you in the long term! (Am I selling this too hard?)

Let’s check the questions:

What is the date of birth of Alice Blanche Lean born in Queensland? Hint: find Australian records first. A : 17 Nov 1889

Name three social networking sites where you can access Hint: go to Learning Centre  A: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Blog, Live streaming

Press Display

The Irish Times has an advertisement for the performance of a story based on children’s book. The performance commences on 26 March 2014. What is the name of the performance? A : War Horse

Name the sporting identity who is the subject of the lead sports story in the Gold Coast Bulletin on 16 January 2014. A : Sam Stosur

Find My past

Choose the Australiasian version. Search all records with the location of Nerang.


Open it, have a look around, realize it is all in Chinese. Leave.


Click Creative development, then Exploring media and materials, then Wonder wheel (row 3 in the middle). Make a drawing.


Click Celebrations. Pick something related to Easter. Click Go under the “Watch the story” option. You do not need to watch the entire story. Note how to toggle captions on and off (Read along).

Ancient and medieval history online

Go into Topic Centers. Click Ancient Egypt. Check out the article headings.

ANZ  Reference Centre

Locate an article regarding ‘makerspaces’ in libraries.

Name 3 languages that you can view ANZ Reference Centre in – French, Dutch, Italian

Do a general search for ‘public library’ – How many results are generated – approx 30869


Use either the kids, teen or adult version of Britannica to answer the following:

Whose daughter was Anastasia Nikolayevna and how/when did she die? – Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, 16/17 July 1918

What is the population of Colombia? – 45,746,000

Where can you find the ‘Daily buzzword’? – Teen home page

Mango Languages

How do you say “my friend” in pirate?

How do you say “Good evening” in Japanese?

How do you say ” Oh, good morning. How are  you?” in French?

Britannica image quest

Find a picture of a camel and a snail.

Add the pictures to your light box.

Download the snail and insert picture into a Word Document

Email the camel picture to your email

World vital records

Using the “Search All Collections” function on World Vital Records homepage, search for Colin Thiele and find his date of birth.

Using the “Search” drop down menu, select “Photos and Pictures”. Search for pictures of Banjo Patterson. How many results are there?

Early world of learning – world book

Name 3 fairytales available in the resource

Find & do a jigsaw puzzle

Popular magazines

Open data base, do a term clusters search for The Catcher in the Rye. Using the red inner ring find the article titled “Holden at 50”. Not really a question but an interesting way to do a search. A : Using the red ring go into the piece of the pie that says college, the article is number 3 called Holden at 50.

Using the same search as a keyword search how many magazine results do you find?  A :  260

National geographic virtual library

Use Image Search to find a painting of an Australian aborigine.

Health and wellness centre.

Keyword search terms:


Mental Health

Select Full text, then Magazines and Journals. Find an article by Alison C. Bested, titled Intestinal microbiota, probiotic and mental health: from Metchnikoff to modern advances: Part 1 – autointoxication revisited. Take note of the record number at the end of the article. A : A323612649

Times Digital

What is the answer to No. 1 across for Times crossword puzzle No. 662.  March 21, 1932.  (Answer is gatepost).

Hobbies and Crafts

What is the periodical title that deals with “Kings and Coins in Medieval England”? A : Treasure Hunting.

What does the “American Numismatist Association” have an interest in? A : Collectors and collecting Coins

The source (Magpies)

Search for a piece of poetry with the subject of flowers.


Go to the site and spend at least five minutes exploring what it does and considering who it is suitable for.