A Corpse at St Andrew’s Chapel – the Second Chronicle of Hugh De Singleton, Surgeon

A medieval murder mystery by Mel Starr set in the 14th Century and the second novel in the Hugh De Singleton Chronicles. Alan, the beadle of the manor of Bampton, had gone out at dusk to seek those who might violate curfew. When, the following morning, he had not returned home, his young wife Matilda […]

A Kestrel for a Knave

A Kestrel for a Knave by Barry Hines In the small Yorkshire mining town of Barnsley, life for Billy Casper is raw and tough. School is a daily hell of bullying and failure as even the teachers seem to turn on him. Home offers no reprieve with a disconnected parent and an angry and at […]

Once by Morris Gleitzman

Once I read a book about a 10 year old Jewish boy living in Poland in 1942, and fell in love with him. The story is narrated by the main character, Felix who leaves the relative safety of an orphanage to look for his parents. Along the way he discovers some horrific truths, forms everlasting […]

Crimson death by Laurell K. Hamilton

Crimson Death; the latest novel released in the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series. This time Anita heads to Ireland to find a rogue vampire and stop the crime spree, in the midst of trying to maintain her multiple relationships. Great for readers who enjoy steamy and action-packed novels in supernatural/vampire genres. If you haven’t read […]

Down the Dirt Roads by Rachael Treasure

As I near the end of Down the Dirt Roads one word starts to stand out, to shine, to sparkle and glitter the pages and that word is LOVE. Not the love sort through the latest reality shows on television but a love for family, friends, fellowmen (persons), a love for all of God’s creatures, […]

The Girl from Venice

The setting for Martin Cruz Smith’s new novel The Girl from Venice is the inspiring beauty and uniqueness of Venice which fortuitously was saved from the bombing raids of World War II.  It remains intact in all its glory – maybe until nature decides otherwise – and provides the background scenery for this wartime love story. […]

The Oracle of Stamboul

The Oracle of Stamboul by Michael David Lukas is the most exquisite fairy tale of a novel. It is magical, atmospheric and divinely beautiful.  According to an ancient prophecy, dictated by a King on his deathbed, a child would be born who would be the Oracle of Stamboul and according to the midwife, who brought […]

February 20

Four Snails And An Umbrella by Glenis Carlton

“Four Snails And An Umbrella” is a delightful story, beautifully illustrated for children aged from three to eight. To read the adventure of the four little snails as they leave their safe and secure home in the vegetable garden is to enter the magical world of children’s imagination. Sloopy Loopy, Happy Pappy, Slippy Lippy and […]

The Things we keep

In The Things we keep by Sally Hepworth, the story is not always revealed in a linear presentation and sometimes the story can be momentarily confusing however this simply helps the reader to experience the general feeling of befuddlement, a sensation that dementia sufferers are only too familiar with. Anna finds herself adjust from being […]

February 18

Globe: Life in Shakespeare’s London

Globe: Life in Shakespeare’s London by Catharine Arnole Post by Sandra I enjoyed reading this fascinating book which describes the times and life of William Shakespeare.  London was a bustling, busy town during Tudor times and Shakespeare found his place and popularity  as a well known playwright.   His success was not always enthusiastically acclaimed as one […]