December 28

Why we eat what we eat – the science of eating

Gastrophysics: the new science of eating by Professor Charles Spence. This book is a fascinating study on why we eat what we eat, and what influences how we feel about it from a researchers point of view. You may use this information to market sales of food, or to cut back on what you think […]

Salmon fishing in the Yemen / Paul Torday.

Salmon fishing the Yemen by Paul Torday. A story of hope and quiet determination. A dream fostered with the right people, and an unlimited bank account to support the high ambition of this project. The project becomes more than a matter of putting salmon in a Yemen Wadi. Its a good read!

December 26

Dancing through it

Dancing through it : my journey in the ballet / Jenifer Ringer. Jenifer shares her story of a little girl’s ballet dream that came true. She gives a candid account of her successes and the journey to become a professional ballerina, including overcoming her personal health demons that forced her out of the company for […]

River of Gold

River of gold by Hector Holthouse. Post by Caroline. Based on documentary evidence from the period, this is a really interesting description of the places and events during the Palmer River gold rush in far north Queensland. The harshness of life during these times for everyone is almost beyond belief, and yet is part of […]

December 20

The Painted Queen by Elizabeth Peters and Joan Hess

Posted by Neen The Painted Queen by Elizabeth Peters and Joan Hess  When a strange man bursts into her elegant Cairo hotel suite and dies on the floor from injuries sustained while attempting to assassinate her, intrepid archaeologist Amelia Peabody and her irascible husband Emerson become reluctantly involved in the discovery of the tomb of Nefertiti […]

December 19

The Driver : A Novel by Hart Hanson

Posted by Neen The Driver : a novel by Hart Hanson Michael Skellig is a former Special Forces officer who now runs a limousine service staffed by returned veterans, but he is still deeply affected by the horrors he endured during active service. Regularly hearing the voices of those he killed is one side effect […]

December 18

The Forgers by Bradford Morrow

Posted by Neen The Forgers by Bradford Morrow The Forgers illuminates the irresistible allure of rare books, the overwhelming compulsion to own them at any cost – and the rewards of forging them convincingly. This literary thriller begins with the gruesome murder of rare book collector, Adam Diehl, narrated dispassionately by Will, a not-quite-reformed literary forger […]

December 14

Finding Nevo: How I Confused Everyone

Finding Nevo: How I Confused Everyone  by Nevo Zisin Meet Nevo: girl, boy, he, she, him, her, they, them, daughter, son, teacher, student, friend, gay, bi, lesbian, trans, homo, Jew, dyke, masculine, feminine, androgynous, queer. Nevo was not born in the wrong body. Nevo just wants everyone to catch up with all that Nevo is. Personal, political […]

December 09


Nausea by Jean-Paul Sartre ; translated from the French by Robert Baldick ; with an introduction by James Wood Nausea, published in 1938 by existential philosopher and author Jean-Paul Sartre, is a poetic diary-style account of a French writer who is perplexed by his own moral existence. The entries follow Antoine Roquentin’s train of thought, feelings […]

December 08

The White Princess

The White Princess is a mini-series derived from the Philippa Gregory books and follows on from The White Queen (my review of The White Queen can be read here). You don’t necessarily have to watch the predecessor but I appreciated the follow through in the story arc. The White Princess begins two days after Richard III’s […]