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August 08

Librivox reaches ten thousand free audiobooks

A quick note to congratulate Librivox on its eleventh anniversary, and reaching a milestone.

August 12

Librivox turns 10: free audiobooks, a decade on

Congratulations to Librivox on 10 years and 9570 books.

One click digital eaudiobook of the month – The English Monster

The English Monster by Lloyd Shepherd, narrated by Steven Crossley Based on the real-life story of the gruesome Ratcliffe Highway murders, The English Monster takes us on a voyage across centuries. Non-spoiler alert! There is a dark twist – a spot of black-magical realism, if you like – about halfway through Lloyd Shepherd’s first novel […]

The Scent of Your Breath

The Scent of your Breath by Melissa P.  In Paperback and as a Bolinda audio book.  The scent of your breath”, which is translated from the Italian language, tells of the experiences of Melissa, a young woman of 19 who is exploring her own sexuality in a relationship with Thomas, her new lover. The audiobook is read by Edwina […]

Love Song

Love Song by Nikki Gemmell Reviewed by Jennifer, Southport Branch Library This narrative was an unexpected find for me, and I would say it is the most powerful story I have discovered in a while. It is the story of Lillie Bird, who from a locked religious community finds herself at last experiencing the freedom […]

Aussie Voices : A Lady’s Visit to the Gold Diggings of Australia

Ellen Clacy was the daughter of an English priest who, together with her brother, came out to the goldfields to try and strike it rich. She brings an outsider’s view of Australia. At the same time, you could argue, and I’d like to, that certain elements of modern Australian culture are the products of the cultural and […]

An Aussie Voices preview

Aussie Voices is a little project we have here on book coasters to promote the Year of Reading, by celebrating reading aloud. As part of this, I’m going to be reviewing an audiobook every two weeks. Many of these have been recorded by community volunteers, through Librivox. Others will come from the Library’s Bolinda download service, which contains commercial […]

March 09

Aussie Voices – Reading Aloud for the Year of Reading

Happy Read Aloud Day! So, we’re about three weeks into the Year of Reading, and it’s time to roll out one of our special projects for this year. Brace yourself for Aussie Voices! So, what’s the point? The project’s purpose is to demonstrate a few key ideas: Reading aloud is a great way of enjoying text. […]

Audiobooks – End the Struggle and Dance With Life

End the Struggle and Dance With Life by Susan Jeffers. The library holds a range of enormously popular ‘self-improvement’ CD Books, and having read bestselling auther Susan Jeffers earlier book  ‘Feal the Fear and Do It Anyway’, I decided to listen to a further title by her. End the Struggle and Dance With Life is […]

Audiobooks and zombie mayhem – key features of WordPress 5k

So, this year I took the WordPress 5 kilometer challenge.  The idea was to run, or in my case amble, for 5 kilometers on the 10th of April.  My kit’s below: some running shoes, my mp3 player, and a copy of the Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman. I also finished off the tail of the LibriVox version […]