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Books, baguettes and bedbugs : the Left Bank world of Shakespeare and Company

Although Books, baguettes and bedbugs is a traveler’s tale is set at the famous Shakespeare and Company book shop, it is not THE Shakespeare and Co. established by Sylvia Beach. Shakespeare and Co. as portrayed in this book, is operated by George Whitman (no relationship to Walt Whitman). Whitman has run the store since 1951.  After […]

Fearless January 08

Fearless by Eric Blehm

Fearless is the incredible story of US Navy SEAL Adam Brown. Adam was a determined child and teenager who turned to drugs after finishing high school. Thanks to his parent’s brave tough love, his wife Kelley and his re-found connection with his spirituality, Adam was able to overcome his addiction and serve in one of the highest teams in the Navy.

The Maid’s Tale

The Maid’s Tale by Rose Plummer offers a brief snapshot into an era long gone. A time that no longer exists, with grand houses and plenty of servants and domestic help. A time of horse-drawn carts, when light was provided by candles, when warmth came from a coal fire (if you were lucky enough to […]

The People Smuggler

The People Smuggler by Robin De Crespigny is the biography of Ali Al Jenabi, known to some as a people smuggler (and condemned), he is known to others as the “Oskar Schindler of Asia” (and praised and revered). You may have heard of him as his name and case was heavily reported by the news and media. He […]

The Railway Man

The Railway Man by Eric Lomax, recently inspired a feature film starring Australia’s Nicole Kidman and the talented Colin Firth, in the role of Eric Lomax. As a young man, Eric  lived a sheltered life in Scotland and enjoyed a pleasant fascination of being a railway enthusiast. At the tender age of ninteen, Young Lomax joined […]


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