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June 14

A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

A “Walk in the Woods” follows the adventures of Bill Bryson and his friend, Katz, both unfit, portly and poorly prepared, as they begin to trek the  2000 odd mile long Appalachian Trail in North America. Adding to the degree of difficulty, the pair are burdened with packs carrying their supplies, warm clothing, rain gear […]

Still Alice by Lisa Genova reviewed by Jill Smith

Alice Howland is a very busy Harvard University Professor. She travels often giving lectures around the world. She and her husband John have written a book. He loves her because of her sharp mind and wit. Two of her children have forged academic careers and are successful, her other daughter is a struggling actress whom […]

Dark Places. Gillian Flynn

Dark Places – Gillian Flynn   This book was written before the fame of “Gone girl”. It is her second book published in 2009. For people who have enjoyed “Gone girl” it is worth looking at some of her earlier work, although I personally didn’t enjoy it as much as “Gone girl”. It is a […]

The Maze Runner movie is coming

 The Maze Runner by James Dashner is incredibly descriptive, elaborate storytelling and full of emotion. It is well written with likeable characters, clever plot twists and will surely evoke mixed emotions as you read. It gave me chills, it made me laugh out loud and it even moved me to tears in parts. Admittedly the story is slow […]

January 31

The fault in our stars: why is it that the complex books are now written for teenagers?

The fault in our stars is not about cancer, although the lead characters meet in a cancer support group. It’s a book about dealing with the universe’s lack of empathy. It does have a sweet romance, and some tragic parts in it, because fate is conspiring against the lovers. I don’t consider that a spoiler […]

Absolute worst book to movie conversion?

We recently had a World War Z competition, and that film’s taken some criticism from fans of the book. It’s a wildly popular film, but it doesn’t have the feel of a Ken Burns documentary, as the book does. This has led me to ponder: what’s the worst ever attempt to make a book into […]

The Hobbit

The Hobbit by J R R Tolkien Post by Kyla. It’s nowhere near as long as any of the Lord of the Rings novels, so please try and read The Hobbit before you see the movie or the DVD! The book describes the finding of the ring so essential to the stories that follow. The […]

War Horse

War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. Post by Sharon Barclay. War horse, inspired by a painting by Captain James Nicholls, is a poignant story of one horse’s experience in the First World War and the unbreakable bond he forms with a boy named Albert. Narrated by Joey, a red bay horse with a distinctive white cross […]

Steig Larsson – The Man Who Left Too Soon

The Man Who Left Too Soon by Barry Forshaw. Since reading the three best-selling novels by Steig Larsson I have been interested in knowing more about the author, who died after finishing only three of the ten book series that he planned – a fourth book was partially completed on Steig Larsson’s laptop computer when he died. This book […]

“I saw something nasty in the woodshed”

Cold Comfort Farm  Stella Gibbons “I saw something nasty in the woodshed”      This has to be one of the most known quotes but I’m guessing a lot of people would have no idea, or forgotten,  that it comes from this wonderful 1930’s classic novel. It was a pleasure to re-read this classic, a bit like re-visiting an […]