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November 06

Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. The story begins with a death at Pirriwee Public School during a Trivia Night fundraiser. This book has lots of gossip and scandals as the stories and secrets behind the main characters of Madeline, Celeste and Jane – along with their offspring – are revealed. However, it is not […]

Don’t want to miss a thing – Jill Mansell

Don’t want to miss a thing by Jill Mansell – When Dexter’s beloved sister dies suddenly, she leaves behind her 8 month old daughter, Delphi for him to raise. Dexter, a man who previously pursued a life of pleasure without responsibility or attachments, moves from his city apartment to a country home where he grows […]

Past Secrets by Cathy Kelly

 Past Secrets is the story of three Irish women living on tranquil Summer Street. Christie, an art teacher, who lives a comfortable life with her husband, ties together this story as she helps her neighbours through their struggles finally realizing that she must face up to secrets of her own. Her neighbour, Faye, is a hardworking single […]

Rock chick

Rock Chick by Kristen Ashley. Rock Chick is an adventure romance after the style of the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich, and came highly recommended to me by someone who enjoyed both! Indy Savage is a cop’s daughter and a wild child who runs a book store with a coffee shop attached. When her […]

Blackberry Summer

Blackberry Summer by RaeAnne Thayne is a fun, romantic easy read. Yes, by the end of the first chapter you already have guessed who is going to end up with who. But it’s a small town setting where everyone knows everyone and there are lots of little side stories that keep it interesting. Sometimes, a […]

The Yearning

The Yearning by Kate Belle  Post by Brenda. Romance, chick lit, erotic fiction, sexy seem to be the latest trend for many readers.  “The yearning”, a first novel by Kate Belle, has just been released and fits well within this genre. Not only is it a racy romantic fiction, it is also a well constructed story covering many […]

Choose a book by its cover? Absolutely!

Three authors I’ve never heard of. Three books I wasn’t particularly looking for. But … three covers that grabbed my attention and three titles promising pure escapism? Yes please! The Perfect Location by Kate Forster This Australian author loves all things pop culture, and this is her first novel. On the movie set of The […]

The Boy Who Fell to Earth – Kathy Lette

Funny! Poignant! Insightful! Australian author Kathy Lette has tackled a heart rendering subject from a delightful perspective in The boy who fell to earth.

The story is written in the first person by a mother Lucy Beaufort. The language is descriptive and the dialogue is sharp and witty or bantering. The book is divided into prologue, parts and chapters; titled and subtitled. The story flows beautifully and the format makes for very easy reading.

The characters are brilliantly crafted; Merlin is the 16 year old autistic boy who has been misdiagnosed with a multitude of various medical labels over the years. Lucy Beaufort is Merlin’s weary, frustrated mother left alone to bring up her son and fighting bureaucratic red tape to get the best from social services for him. Jeremy Beaufort is the husband who does not want society to know he is the father of an intellectually challenged child and walks away from his wife and son for a blonde voluptuous TV hostess who is a “rising star” in the industry. There are a periphery of characters around Merlin and his mother who will keep the reader entertained with their lack of tact, rudeness or tenderness.

It is a great read and was included as one of the books to read in the 2012, 50 Books You Can’t Put Down, Get Reading All Australian Guide.

Oh Dear Silvia

Dawn French’s Oh dear Silvia takes place in a hospital room where Silvia (of the title) lays in a comma & visited by a number of family members, friends & hospital staff. The memories of each visitor helps set the story and as you read you will find out who Silvia really is. The first chapter is told by Ed, the ex-husband, with following chapters jumping from Ed to Winnie, the hospital nurse, to Tia, the housekeeper, to Cat, Silvia’s current partner, to Jo, the sister & to Cassandra, the daughter. Each character spills out their hearts to Silvia while she lays their unresponsive. The character development is spot on & the plot is well constructed to expose pieces of information at critical times to create good flow.
French’s irreverent style of humour is apparent as she takes a serious situation and adds comedic value. It’s a talent of hers that shines through in her writing! Her characters are all unique and their individual relationships with Silvia will help to keep you interested in the overall story. I did feel slightly disappointed with the ending as I was hoping for a clearer explanation of why Silvia was in the comma and also some resolution for the characters would have been nice. However, a great read which will stir up your emotions.

Strictly Confidential by Roxy Jacenko

This fun and flirtatious first novel by the founder and director of Sydney PR agency ‘Sweaty Betty’ Roxy Jacenko, is a deliciously revealing romp into the scintillating world of public relations. The story follows Jasmine Lewis (Jazzy Lou) as she battles under torturous boss, Diane Wildenstein (very ‘Devil Wears Prada’), before launching her own Queen […]