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July 11

The River Sings

The River sings by Australian author Sandra Leigh Price is enchanting. Patrin is a Romany gypsy living in nineteenth century England. The traditions of her people are entrenched in her heart and flow through her blood: being connected to nature, following the seasons, living off the land, following the wind and living a nomadic lifestyle. […]

June 27

The Smiling Man by Joseph Knox

  The Smiling Man by Joseph Knox In this gripping sequel to the author’s 2017 debut novel, Sirens, Detective Aidan Waits has been relegated to the night shift, contending with a constant parade of the sad and the desperate denizens of Manchester, all driven mad by a sweltering summer – until he gets a callout to […]

June 26

The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton

  The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton This brilliantly original locked room mystery is like nothing you have read before, reviewed by The Times as “complex, fascinating, bewildering, astonishingly polished.” Aiden Bishop is attending a masquerade ball at Blackheath House, home of Lord Peter and Lady Helena Hardcastle, and is enjoying the usual pleasures […]

June 25

Boundary Waters by William Kent Krueger

  Boundary Waters by William Kent Krueger When Shiloh Raye, a popular young country singer, vanishes in the vast and rugged Quetico-Superior Wilderness near the Canadian border, her father hires former sheriff, Cork O’Connor, to lead a canoeing expedition in search of her. But it becomes a white-water and white-knuckle adventure, as Cork is forced to […]

May 11

A Hundred small lessons

A Hundred small lessons by Brisbane author Ashley Hay is a novel that would appeal to readers of Kate Morton and Kristin Hannah. The novel is told in dual narrative. The reader meets Elsie and Lucy, two very different women, from two different generations who are connected by one common feature……their house. When elderly Elsie falls she […]

May 09

The Trick

The Great Zabbatini was once a great magician, who wowed audiences with his great illusions but now he is a bitter, delusional old man who wishes to perform his final earthly trick. That of disappearing permanently from the face of the Earth and his awful life. “No one had a more acute sense of disillusionment […]

May 07

The Shoemaker’s wife

In 1905, young brothers Ciro and Eduardo are taken to the convent of San Nicola by their newly widowed mother. Ciro and Eduardo are robust, healthy mountain boys who know the value of brotherhood, are not afraid of hard work and appreciate the beauty of their village home in the Northern Italian Alps. As the chapters […]

April 25

Three Envelopes by Nir Hezroni

  Three Envelopes by Nir Hezroni Ten years after the suicide of Agent 10483, Avner Moyal, senior member of The Organization, a secret Israeli intelligence agency, receives a notebook graphically describing the sadistic murders committed by the man, apparently under orders from his superiors. Deeply disturbed, Moyal begins to investigate the death of Agent 10483, […]

April 23

The Widows of Malabar Hill by Sujata Massey

  The widows of Malabar Hill  by Sujata Massey Bombay, India, 1921. Perveen Mistry has just become one of the first Indian women to graduate from Oxford University with a law degree, and has joined her father’s legal firm in Bombay. Her first assignment is to examine the will of a wealthy Muslim businessman who has […]

The Paris Time Capsule

“The Paris Time Capsule” by Ella Carey is based on an amazing true event. In 2010, an apartment in the ninth arrondissement of Paris was opened by estate assessors after being sealed for approximately seventy years – ever since the start of World War II. The executors of the estate described walking into the apartment […]