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October 19

Black Horizon by James Grippando

Posted by Neen Black Horizon by James Grippando The explosion of an oil rig in Cuban waters and the resultant devastating oil spill sends attorney Jack Swyteck and his FBI agent bride, Andie, home early from their honeymoon, when Jack is asked to represent a woman whose husband was killed on the rig and Andie is […]

October 18

Enemy of the Good by Matthew Palmer

Posted by Neen Enemy of the Good by Matthew Palmer Kate Hollister is a US Foreign Service officer recently assigned to Kyrgyzstan at a time when relations between the two countries are complicated. The US is attempting to negotiate a controversial agreement with President Eraliev to build a massive airbase and significantly expand America’s presence in the […]

October 17

He Said/She Said by Erin Kelly

Posted by Neen He Said/She Said by Erin Kelly Kit and Laura once saved a mentally unstable young woman from a rapist, and also testified to ensure a conviction and prison sentence for the perpetrator. But Beth’s initial gratitude towards them later escalated into terrifyingly obsessive behaviour that forced Kit and Laura to disappear and […]

September 12

Don’t Let Go by Michel Bussi

  Don’t Let Go a new mystery by Frenchman Michel Bussi grabbed me from the first page.  Refreshingly there is no “investigator character” as in most traditional mysteries as this mystery is told from at least four different perspectives –  the police investigators and the characters involved all have a turn telling the story.  The […]

September 04

The Six Gun Tarot by R. S. Belcher

The Six Gun Tarot by R. S. Belcher is the first in his weird west themed Golgotha series. Set in a small cattle town in Nevada in 1869, the story is a blend of wild west with supernatural themes and contains a colourful cast of characters such as a sheriff that reportedly cannot die, a […]

August 31

Pure Juliet

Pure Juliet by Stella Gibbons Those readers who haven’t had the joy of reading ‘Cold Comfort Farm’ for which Stella Gibbons is justifiably famous (and it was made into a great movie) should seek out this first of her books.  A hilarious take on rural life and rural characters, and a wonderful heroine – this […]

August 30

The North Water

Warning The North Water by Ian McGuire is dark and violent. Set in the world of the Arctic whalers of the 1800s this book follows the fortunes of two men: Henry Drax and Patrick Sumner. Drax, more beast than human under the skin, is a hardened whaler who follows his own dictates, unburdened by a conscience. […]

August 29

Stars across the ocean

The main character in Stars across the ocean is foundling Agnes Resolute. Agnes was raised at Perdita Hall orphanage and advised that upon her coming of age, she would join society and practice her trade (she is a seamstress).The year is 1874 and in alignment with societal practice of the era, Agnes is advised not to aim […]

August 28

The Night Rainbow

“When Maman came back from hospital last year. She had changed from fat to thin, but she didn’t bring back a baby like she promised. She left it at the hospital, along with her happiness”. Claire King’s debut novel The Night Rainbow is set in a small French community. Pea’s mother is somewhat outcast (being […]

August 17

Two Days Gone : a Ryan DeMarco Mystery by Randall Silvis

Posted by Neen Two Days Gone : a Ryan DeMarco Mystery by Randall Silvis In this skillfully written thriller, Thomas Huston, a respected college professor and acclaimed author, appears to have murdered his wife and their three children then disappeared. Why did he do it? And where is he? Sergeant Ryan DeMarco is the policeman […]