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The Torch by Peter Twohig

This is the sequel to Twohig’s The Cartographer, which I enjoyed but wasn’t convinced, The Torch however I loved. Set in the early 1960’s in a fictional Richmond, Melbourne  – my home town and I do like to read novel set in places I have lived and/or loved. The story is narrated by a 12 […]

hedgehog February 03

104 in 2014 15. The sticky end of the stick

Finally, FINALLY!! here are the last reviews for my reading in 2014, so I can start reviewing my books for 2015. You know what they say: 2,4,6,8, bog in, don’t wait! #141 Only Enchanting by Mary Balogh (Read 30/11/2014) I like this Regency Romance series about a group of friends who were all scarred mentally […]

WWI poppies January 10

104 in 2014: 14. War and law

Another 10 books, read in 2014, and finally reviewed, beginning with a moving collection of poetry from the Trench Poets of World War I.

Bitter Wash Road by Garry Disher

I am not sure why I picked this book up, I think I read there was a similarity between Garry Disher and Peter Temple, who I think is brilliant. Bitter Wash Road is no Truth but it is an engrossing read. Set in rural South Australia fallen police officer Paul Hirschausen is exiled to a […]

15 book challenge January 06

2015 reading challenge – are you in?

Ready fora new reading challenge for 2015?
Take our 15 book challenge that gives you 15 criteria to diversify your reading this year.

pixabay dog November 21

104 in 2014: 11. Don’t stop me now

It’s another ten books for the 2014 reading challenge – taking me past the goal of 104 in 2014. But don’t stop me now, there’s plenty more books to read.

umbrellas November 18

104 in 2014: 10. Breaking a reading drought

Another ten books to add to my total for our 2014 reading challenge: graphic novels, urban fantasy, a classic and more. Enjoy!

sweets September 12

104 in 2014: 9. The sweetness of reading

How’s that reading challenge working out for you all? Sweet? Here are the next 10 on my completed list, all of which I was reading back in May and June, so it’s past time to let you know what I thought about them, right? #81 Sprig Muslin by Georgette Heyer (Read 25/05/2014) Hear that dreadful […]

104 in 2014: 8. collected works

Our challenge is to read and review 104 books for the year. So here’s my next, very late, installment of reviews. Because reading them is never the problem..

donkey small June 12

104 in 2014: 7. well, it makes you think

Looking for fiction that makes you think deep and profound thoughts? Read on, for reviews of books I’ve been reading towards this year’s 104 book challenge – some of them are thought provoking, but most of them are … not.


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