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Appetite for Reduction

Appetite for Reduction.  by  Isa Chandra Moskowitz. Post by Robyne55. This is a Vegan cookbook with 125 low fat vegan recipes.  Now before you say – not another  cookbook- let me explain. First I should say that “Vegan” means nothing with flesh or that moos grunts or follows you about on four legs or for […]

4 Ingredients : Christmas

4 Ingredients : Christmas by Kim McCosker. Post by Anne at Southport Recently on a local radio station I heard the author of the 4 Ingredients recipe books – Kim McCosker, talking about Christmas food and getting away from lots of preparation. Of course the recipes she spoke about were all in her book “4 […]

Book Club Recommendations for August

The Southport Library Open Book Club discussed books they had enjoyed, and recommend to you: Nickle and Dimed : Undercover in Low-Wage USA by Barbara Ehrenreich. Robyn said she was knocked out by this intriguing book – it was amazing. It is about a woman who worked undercover investigating the impact of welfare reforms in […]


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