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maze runner October 21

Maze Runner

Maze Runner by James Dashner Post by Fiona from Southport Library. Maze Runner is a must read for lovers of young adult post-apocalyptic novels. It follows the exhilarating journey of sixteen year old Thomas as he finds himself in an unfamiliar world which is known as ‘The Glade’. Thomas and the other ‘Gladers’ know nothing […]

Tomorrow, when the war began

Tomorrow, when the war began by John Marsden.   I loved reading this series, by one of Australia’s great writers. It is about a group of seven teenagers who decide to camp out, or ‘go bush’ for a few days over the Christmas holidays. One night while they are away, they hear the roar of engines […]

Tender Morsels

Tender Morsels by Margo Lanagan.   Post by Carlie.   If you can plow through the brutality of the first part of this book you will be rewarded greatly. From the horrific beginnings of this story comes transformative and redemptive conclusions.   This retelling of the German fairy tale, Snow-White and Rose Red, is a brilliant and highly original piece […]

Warm Bodies – the funniest zombie book I have ever read!

Warm bodies is hilarious! It is a paranormal romance set in a post apocalyptic world where zombies and humans are battling to co-exist.

“None of us are particularly attractive, but death has been kinder to me than some. I’m still in the early stages of decay…” The main zombie in the story is “R” who is living in an abandoned airport with a group of other zombies and their daily existence includes the occasional head nod, grunt & slow-paced meander. They do get together at times and head outside the airport on hunts for human flesh. They do this to satisfy their constant cravings and in an attempt to reach the slightest human feeling.

“We sit against the tiles of the bathroom floor with our legs sprawled out in front of us, passing the brain back and forth, taking small, leisurely bites and enjoying brief flashes of human experience.” On one particular hunting trip the zombies attack a group of humans where R kills a boy named Perry. As R munches down on Perry’s brain he starts to receive vivid images of the boy’s life and experience his feelings for a girl named Julie. It is then that R sees Julie at the attack and feels obligated to protect her, to save her from the bloody scene and take her back to the airport. It is this action, this special and confusing connection between zombie and human that ignites a change. Things start to get weird, confusing, beautiful and new for R as Julie’s presence seems to be bringing some humanity back to R. Julie also starts to see R as not entirely zombie. She starts to ask herself could R have a mind, a heart, a soul?

Warm bodies sucked me in right away and kept my interest throughout with its character driven plot and humourous descriptive prose. Isaac Marion made me feel like I wasn’t simply reading a book but was there in the airport surrounded by a zombie population.

“My friend ‘M’ says the irony of being a zombie is that everything is funny, but you can’t smile, because your lips have rotted off.” Quotes like this made me laugh out loud! I really enjoyed this book, it finished way too early, I could have read chapter after chapter. The movie adaptation is also highly entertaining and really well down. My friends and I had the best time in the cinema!

Liar and Spy

Rebecca Stead writes an engaging story for youth and adults alike. Her second book “When you reach me” is a must for all “A wrinkle in time fans”, but I think I enjoyed “Liar and spy” even more. “Liar and spy” is the story of friendship, betrayal and forgiveness. But most of all it is […]

Night Road

Night Road by Kristin Hannah Book Review by Jennifer Gates, Southport Branch Library This is a novel with resonating themes of love and hope that will captivate the reader. While it is classified as an adult novel, I think it falls into the crossover category that will additionally suit a young adult readership. Night Road […]

Keeper of the Lost Cities

Keeper of the Lost Cities by Shannon Messenger. Post by David from Southport Branch library.   If you’re looking for a book that’s a bit like Harry Potter, then give “Keeper of the Lost Cities” a go.  Shannon Messenger’s debut novel is a real page turner aimed at children of all ages.  Sophie Foster is […]

What are the chasers?

Chasers is a post-apocalyptic novel that brings to life a new form of monster – a zombie/vampire mix! James Phelan creates a horrifying image in his ‘chasers’ together with a horrifying reality for the four main characters. Jesse, Anna, Dave & Mini are the only survivors after a massive explosion that has rocked New York City to its core. They were on board the subway when the catastrophic attack hit and when they scrambled to the surface they are faced with total devastation. Streets are deserted, buildings as far as the eye can see are in ruins and piles of rubble mixed with dead bodies are absolutely everywhere.

After some exploration they see what they assume are some fellow survivors in the distance but oh no the figures are certainly not like them at all. As this group get closer their appearance becomes more clear – they are gaunt, pale and have vacant stares. All of a sudden they are running, chasing Jesse and his friends. This new species they call the “chasers” and have an eternal thirst so are constantly after liquid, of any type – blood, water, oil anything that will wet their ghastly lips. So the main characters are on the run, confused, scared and all alone. The characters are likable and you will want to get behind them and care about their survival.

This is the first book in a trilogy and it will leave you with a keen interest in reading the following two. It grabbed a tight hold of me and it didn’t let me go. The twist at the end totally blindsided me. It is a multi-layered read and it gave me a horrible feeling of being totally alone in an broken world. It was this isolating emotion more so than the ‘chasers’ that haunted me!!

War Horse

War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. Post by Sharon Barclay. War horse, inspired by a painting by Captain James Nicholls, is a poignant story of one horse’s experience in the First World War and the unbreakable bond he forms with a boy named Albert. Narrated by Joey, a red bay horse with a distinctive white cross […]

Once…a solid sequel

The last time Eve was with Caleb was right before she was forced to leave him behind in the wild and enter the protected city of Califia. The final chapter of the first book in the Eve series saw these two desperate lovers torn apart with Caleb insisting that Eve enter the city for her own protection and leave him behind. Once is the follow up novel – a sequel that starts with a bang! It begins with an unsuspecting twist and you will instantly realise this second book is going to be amazing. Eve yearns to be reunited with Caleb and her desperation see her battle tough circumstances that would make anyone want to give up. However, Eve is strong and tackles the rough stuff head on dealing with moral dilemmas, sticky situations, sneaky plotting, awkward guilty feelings, confusion, loyalty and desire. It’s a whirl wind of emotion.
Once can stand by itself as a book in the sense that it has its own story with a distinct plot and direction. I do suggest reading the first book (Eve) to get an understanding of the characters and an appreciation for where they have been. Once is a solid sequel, it offers a much stronger picture of the world the characters live in and the issues at stake. It has the perfect balance of descriptive narrative and action and I enjoyed learning about the privileged City of Califia and of Eve’s young past. The characters are developed nicely as secrets are revealed, identities uncovered and agendas realised. The ending is quite abrupt and bittersweet to read yet it left me curious with anticipation for the third book.


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